Lisa Guttilla, Brooklyn, New York (arrested Jan 2010)

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    "Horndog High" was the moniker given to James Madison High School, Brooklyn, New York, at the height of its teacher sex scandals in late 2009.
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    Name: Lisa Guttilla

    Age: 37

    School: James Madison High [New York City Department of Education] aka "Horndog High", Brooklyn, New York; Poly Prep Country Day School

    Position: Gym teacher, volleyball coach

    Victim: Girl, 14

    NY Post (26 Jan 2010): Law bites 'sex' coach

    NY Daily News (28 Jan 2010): More Sex Ed At James Madison High School

    NBC New York (28 Jan 2010): Another Female Teacher Accused of Sex Act at Salacious High School

    Examiner (26 Feb 2010): Another scandal hits Brooklyn school: gym teacher arrested for allegedly fondling student

    NY Daily News (9 April 2011): With sexual predators prowling the sidelines, parents can't trust anyone