Allison Musacchio, Brooklyn, New York (busted Mar 2009)

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    "Horndog High" was the moniker given to James Madison High School, Brooklyn, New York, at the height of its teacher sex scandals in late 2009.
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    Name: Allison Musacchio

    Age: 31

    School: James Madison High [New York City Department of Education] aka "Horndog High", Brooklyn, New York

    Position: Social studies teacher

    Victims: 2 boys, one of legal age, one perhaps not

    Twitter: AllisonMusacchi, TINNnow

    Huffington Post (10 Dec 2009): Allison Musacchio Allegedly Had Affair With Student At Naked Teacher Scandal School

    WPIX (10 Dec 2009): Third Teacher Under Fire At "Naked" High School

    NY Daily News (10 Dec 2009): 'Horndog High' scandal heats up: Allison Musacchio joins nude teachers Mauro, Brito in hot water

    Examiner (10 Dec 2009): 2nd scandal hits Brooklyn school after alleged naked sex romp in classroom

    The Inquisitr (10 Dec 2009): Brooklyn teacher sex scandal heats up, third teacher Allison Musacchio under investigation

    CBS News (10 Dec 2009): Allison Musacchio, Cindy Mauro, and Alini Brito Caught Up in High School Teacher Sex Investigations

    Examiner (10 Dec 2009): Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro, Allison Musacchio, and The Janitor? Priceless

    New York Magazine (10 Dec 2009): Students at James Madison High in Brooklyn Will Never Take Their Hot Teachers Seriously Ever Again

    Pink News (31 March 2010): Teachers to face misconduct charges for ‘naked classroom romp’

    NY Post (31 March 2010): 'Lesbian-fling' teachers face school rap

    NY Daily News (9 July 2010): 'Horndog High' teachers Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro were boozed up before sexual tryst at James Madison

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    A year later Allison Musacchio now appears to be trying to recast herself as an educational consultant, President of Teachers In Need Now (TINN) Professional Mentoring Services, Inc. and purporting to leverage off a highly successful career as a teacher.

    She has put up a series of web site, identical in content but varying slightly in design, to toot her horn:
    And a few profiles here & there:
    And a blog:
    And a Twitter feed:
    And even her company web site:
    Better hurry! As of today (1 Oct 2011) TINN has discounted its rates by 20-33% "to help ease the economic crunch".