Alini Brito & Cindy Mauro [lesbian tryst in classroom]

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    "Horndog High" was the moniker given to James Madison High School, Brooklyn, New York, at the height of its teacher sex scandals in late 2009.
    Names: Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro

    Ages: 29, 33

    School: James Madison High [New York City Department of Education] aka "Horndog High", Brooklyn, New York

    Positions: Spanish teacher, French teacher

    WPIX (9 Dec 2009): Two Brooklyn School Teachers Found "Undressed" Inside Classroom

    ABC Local (9 Dec 2009): Teachers caught in alleged naked romp in classroom

    Huffington Post (9 Dec 2009): Alini Brito And Cindy Mauro, Teachers, Caught Naked In Brooklyn's James Madison High School Classroom (VIDEO)

    The Inquisitr (9 Dec 2009): NYC teachers Alini Brito & Cindy Mauro caught in naked classroom romp

    The Examiner (10 Dec 2009): Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro, Allison Musacchio, and The Janitor? Priceless

    CBS News (10 Dec 2009): Allison Musacchio, Cindy Mauro, and Alini Brito Caught Up in High School Teacher Sex Investigations

    NY Daily News (30 March 2010): 'Horndog High' teachers Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro to be charged for alleged lesbian tryst

    NY Daily News (9 July 2010): 'Horndog High' teachers Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro were boozed up before sexual tryst at James Madison

    Huffington Post (10 July 2010): Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro School Sex Scandal: Teachers Were Drinking Before Tryst

    NY Daily News (7 Jan 2011): James Madison H.S. teacher Alini Brito fired over alleged classroom sex with co-worker Cindy Mauro

    NY Daily News (11 Jan 2011): Alini Brito, fired for alleged steamy lesbian romp with fellow teacher Cindy Mauro, sues over job

    WPIX (12 Jan 2011): Second Teacher In Classroom Sex Scandal Fired

    CBS NEWS (12 Jan 2011): NYC Teacher Alini Brito Fired After Alleged Naked Romp with Female Co-Worker

    UK Daily Mail (12 Jan 2011): 'She was just giving me sugar': Married teacher sacked after 'lesbian clinch' with colleague sues as she insists she was merely being treated for diabetes

    Huffington Post (13 Jan 2011): Alini Brito And Cindy Mauro, Teachers Fired Over Lesbian Scandal, File Lawsuits

    NY York Daily News (23 Feb. 2011): 'Horndog High' teachers, fired over alleged lesbian sex in classroom, sue NYC for $2 million

    NY Post (23 Feb 2011): Teachers accused of steamy lesbian romp fire back at city with $2M suit

    AOL News (24 Feb 2011): NYC Teachers Sue City for Slander Over Lesbian Sex Allegations

    CBS News (24 Feb 2011): Alini Brito, NYC teacher, blames her diabetes for alleged naked romp with female co-worker, sues

    NY Post (25 Feb 2011): 'Classroom sex' teachers sue for $2M

    Something's not adding up here:
    • From the Huffington Post (13 Jan 2011): Brito claims the video shows that the two custodians who claim to have witnessed the sex acts never even opened the door
    • From CBS News (24 Feb 2011): Brito ... told investigators that the janitor ... was actually witnessing Cindy Mauro administering an insulin shot
    If the janitor never opened the door, how could he witness her administering an insulin shot?
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    Alini Brito

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    Cindy Mauro

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