Arrested Teachers in the News 17 October (Wednesday)

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    Sex abuse, female perps:

    Katie Megan Hightower, teacher at Prue High School [Prue Public Schools], Prue, Oklahoma, furnishing alcohol to minors, sex with boy, 16.
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    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Todd Allen Reich, 38, physical education teacher at Martha Hunt Elementary School [Plano ISD], Murphy, Texas, "charged with indecency with a child", age approximately 5-9 (abuse allegedly started in kindergarten)
    William Eugene Bernstein Jr. , 37, (400 block of Babbling Brook Drive, Virginia Beach), private-lesson piano teacher, Virginia Beach, Virginia, sexual abuse of boy, 14
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    Other sex stuff:

    David Palmer Harper, former music teacher at E. Stapleton Elementary School [Rio Rancho Public Schools], Rio Rancho, New Mexico, "six counts of sexual exploitation of children and two counts of possessing child pornography"
    Donald F. Hill, (age 52, residing at 139 Union Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine) former hockey coach at Kennebunk High School [Maine Regional School Unit 21], Kennebunk, Maine, identified as John # 6 in Kennebunk's "Zumba Madam" prostitution scandal.
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    Non-sex stuff:

    Christopher K. Walsh (Glenview Avenue, Dallas, Pennsylvania), 8th-grade history & geography teacher at West Hazelton Elementary / Middle School [Hazelton Area School District], West Hazelton, Pennsylvania, "theft and criminal use of a communications device"
    Georgia B. Cox, 49, special education teacher at Meadowdale High School [Dayton Public Schools], Dayton, Ohio, "accused of hitting teen"
    Damian Esteban, 33, teacher at Williamsburg School of Architecture and Design [New York City Department of Education], Brooklyn, New York City, New York, possession of "18 small bags of heroin"
    Jose Palomo, 31, teachers aide at Mercedes Early Childhood Center [Mercedes ISD], Mercedes, Texas, "fired and arrested after a 6-year-old student accused the man of injuring him earlier this month"
    Mary Ruth Ayers, 58, pre-kindergarten teacher at Clements/Parsons Elementary School [Copperas Cove ISD], Copperas Cove, Texas, "alleged abuse of a 4-year-old student while in class"
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    Additional news reports for:
    Donald F. Hill, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Kennebunk High School, Maine Regional School Unit 21, Kennebunk, Katie Megan Hightower, Terlton, Oklahoma, Prue High School, [Prue Public Schools, Prue, Megan Denman, Fresno, California, Donald Hill, Don Hill, William Eugene Bernstein Jr., Virginia Beach, Virginia, Todd Allen Reich, Murphy, Texas, Martha Hunt Elementary School, Plano ISD, Michael Merrick, Lafayette, Stanley Middle School, Lafayette School District, Mary Ruth Ayers, Copperas Cove, Clements/Parsons Elementary School, Copperas Cove Independent School District, Copperas Cove ISD, Jose Palomo, Mercedes, Mercedes Early Childhood Center, Mercedes ISD, Damian Esteban, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, Williamsburg School of Architecture and Design, New York City Department of Education, Andrew E. Emmons, Boonville, Indiana, Boonville Middle School, Warrick County School Corporation, Georgia B. Cox, Dayton, Ohio, Meadowdale High School, Dayton Public Schools, John Maycock, London, Ontario, Canada, Dorchester, St. David Catholic School, London District Catholic School Board, Brett Naff, Huntsville, Alabama, The County Day School, David Palmer Harper, Rio Rancho, New Mexico, E. Stapleton Elementary School, Rio Rancho Public Schools, Christopher K. Walsh, West Hazelton, Pennsylvania, West Hazelton Elementary / Middle School, Hazelton Area School District
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    Finally finished the posts for Wednesday, Oct. 17: 10 newly distinguished scholars and 5 oldies back in the news.