Christopher K. Walsh, Dallas, Pennsylvania (arrested Oct 2012) [theft]

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    Christopher K. Walsh (Glenview Avenue, Dallas, Pennsylvania), 8th-grade history & geography teacher at West Hazelton Elementary / Middle School [Hazelton Area School District], West Hazelton, Pennsylvania, "theft and criminal use of a communications device"


    Phone: 570-459-3221 ext 27500

    Home page: Walsch, C.

    Standards-Speaker: Hazleton teacher faces theft charges (Oct 17 2012)

    A conniving coach in charge of a youth basketball group's finances raided the organization's bank account, forcing one of its teams to forfeit a once-in-a-lifetime chance in a national tournament, Kingston police charged Tuesday.

    Christopher K. Walsh swindled at least $6,013 from the Luzerne County Lightning basketball club, electronically shifting money from the group's coffers to his personal bank account, according to charges filed. The 36-year-old schoolteacher surrendered to Kingston police Tuesday morning, walking past several league officials who say they were betrayed.

    Christopher K. Walsh, West Hazelton, Pennsylvania, West Hazelton Elementary / Middle School, Hazelton Area School District