Ricardo Garcia Melendez, La Joya, Texas (arrested Sept 2014) [rape of drunk woman at party]

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    Ricardo Garcia Melendez, 26, teacher at Tobasco Elementary School, La Joya ISD, La Joya, Texas, "allegedly raped a woman while she was drunk at a party"

    La Joya elementary teacher on leave after sexual assault arrest

    A La Joya elementary teacher is out on bond and on administrative leave after he allegedly raped a woman while she was drunk at a party. According to La Joya ISD Police Chief Raul Gonzalez, Ricardo Garcia Melendez is a teacher at Tobasco Elementary school and was placed on leave Thursday after they learned about the arrest.


    Melendez allegedly raped an intoxicated woman Sunday at a house party in Palmview. Palmview police arrested Melendez Wednesday on sexual assault charges. The 26-year-old elementary teacher bonded out of the Hidalgo County Jail Thursday and was placed on leave the same day.

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    Four La Joya ISD teachers busted on sex charges in 2014:

    Other La Joya ISD teachers & staff with recent issues:
    Nine La Joya teachers & staff indicted in March, 2010, in a case involving timesheet fraud at Juarez-Lincoln High School, La Joya ISD, La Joya, Texas:
    • Juan C. Flores, assessment coordinator
    • Dario Garcia III, history teacher
    • Dora Linda Garcia, secretary to the principal
    • Jimmy Portillo Gonzalez, former principal
    • Jorge Alberto Gonzalez, teacher of English as a second language
    • Jose Pena, history teacher
    • Marco Balthasar Ramirez, former school district employee
    • Xavier Ramirez, assistant principal
    • Mark Anthony Villalon, health and physical education teacher
    Ricardo Garcia Melendez, Tobasco Elementary School, La Joya ISD, La Joya, Texas
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    Earier report:

    Man jailed for raping a drunken woman at party

    4 Sept 2014

    Palmview police arrested Ricardo Garcia Melendez Wednesday. The alleged incident happened at a house party where the 26-year-old reportedly forced himself on a woman. Police told Action 4 News that the woman at the party was drunk at the time of the incident.