John Sinibaldi, South Tampa, Florida (suspended Oct 2007) [excessive texting]

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    Name: John Sinibaldi

    Age: 47

    School: Plant High School, South Tampa, Florida

    Position: Band director

    Note: John Sinibaldi was never arrested or charged with a crime. No criminal investigation was conducted, and there is no indication that the contents of the text messages were in any way illegal.

    St. Petersburg Times (9 Aug 2007): Band director told: Stay away

    Tampa-area (mostly former) educators with issues:
    Tampa Tribune (21 Nov 2007): Plant High Teacher Suspended Over Sending 500 Messages To Student

    St. Petersburg Times (21 Nov 2007): Officials move to fire ex-Plant band director

    Tampa Tribune (22 Nov 2007): Texting Puts Teacher In Bind

    St. Petersburg Times (29 March 2008): When is reaching out to a student getting too close?

    St. Petersburg Times (4 April 2008): Plant band director fired

    Tampa Tribune (4 April 2008): District Fires Band Director For Text Messages