Christy Ayala, Hillsborough, Florida (arrested Oct 2007)

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    Name: Christy Ayala, 7325 Winchester Dr., Tampa, Florida

    Age: 22 (born 30 Aug 1985)

    School: Dickenson Elementary School, Tampa, Florida

    Position: Secretary

    Victim: Boy, 15

    Note: The last news item I can find regarding Christy Ayala concerned the termination of her employment. There are no reports that her case was adjudicated, and I can not find any reference to her in the Florida sex offender register nor in Florida Dept. of Corrections lists.​

    St. Petersburg Times (13 Oct 2007): False report turns against woman

    Tampa-area (mostly former) educators with issues:
    St. Petersburg Times (7 Nov 2007): Hillsborough school board suspends three

    St. Petersburg Times (7 Nov 2007): Board approves no-bid contract

    St. Petersburg Times (21 Nov 2007): Texting does in band director

    ayala christy mugshots com 1.png

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    Florida Mugshots / Christy Ayaloa / 10-12-2007:

    ayala christy florida arrest reports 1.png
    ayala christy florida arrest reports 2.png

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