Guilty! Ethel Anderson, Seffner, Florida (arrested Feb 2012)

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    Name: Ethel Anderson, 6623 Waterton Drive, Riverview, Florida

    Age: 29 (born 22 May 1982)

    School: Mango Elementary School, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Seffner, Florida

    Position: 5th-grade language arts teacher

    Victim: Boy, 12

    Tampa Bay Online (1 Mar 2012): Suspect in sex with boy, 12, was top diversity educator

    Tampa-area (mostly former) educators with issues:
    WTSP (1 Mar 2012): Teacher of the Year winner Ethel Anderson arrested for sexual relationship with 12-year-old

    WTSP (1 Mar 2012): Mango Elementary teacher Ethel Anderson accused of sex with 12-year-old

    Riverview, Florida, Mango Elementary School, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Seffner
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    Bay News 9 (1 Mar 2012): Hillsborough County teacher arrested for alleged sexual relationship with boy, 12

    Northwest Florida Daily News (1 Mar 2012): Teacher accused of having sex with 12-year-old

    UPI (1 Mar 2012): Teacher charged for relations with student

    Breitbart (1 Mar 2012): Teacher charged for relations with student

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    Miami Herald (1 Mar 2012): Fla. teacher charged with having sex with boy, 12

    CBS Local Tampa (1 Mar 2012): Hillsborough County Teacher Charged with Having Sex with 12-Year-Old

    ABC Action News (1 Mar 2012): Former Teacher of the Year arrested, charged with having sexual relationship with 12-year-old boy

    Bloomingdale-Riverview Patch (1 Mar 2012): Teacher From Riverview Had Sexual Relationship With Boy, 12, Deputies Say

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    The Ledger (1 Mar 2012): Elementary Teacher Accused of Having Sexual Relationship With 12-Year-Old

    Tampa Bay Times (approx 1 Mar 2012): Mango Elementary School principal Felicia Davis sent a recorded telephone message

    UK Daily Mail (2012): Former 'Teacher of the Year', 29, 'had sex with 12-year-old student she was hired to tutor'

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    ABC Action News (2 Mar 2012): Former 'Teacher of the Year' at Mango Elementary now accused of molesting a 12-year-old boy

    ABC Action News (2 Mar 2012): Bond set at $50,000 for Mango Elementary School teacher Ethel Anderson, charged with student sex

    Tampa Bay Times (2 Mar 2012): Mango Elementary teacher had sexual relationship with boy, deputies say

    Tampa Bay Times (2 Mar 2012): Bail set at $50,000 for Hillsborough teacher accused of relationship with boy, 12

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    Tampa Bay Times (2 Mar 2012): Mango Elementary teacher had sexual relationship with boy, deputies say

    Bloomingdale-Riverview Patch (2 Mar 2012): Bail Set at $50,000 For Teacher From Riverview Accused of Sex With Boy

    My Fox Tampa Bay (2 Mar 2012): Bail set for Hillsborough County teacher accused of molesting boy
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    It's a damned shame. I grew up with Ethel in Brandon, have known her since E.L. Bing Elementary in 6th grade through high school (though we ended up at different schools). Ethel was always a good chick; smart, pretty, well-liked, and wholesome... not someone you'd think would do anything like this. She had a spotless reputation for the time I knew her. I, like her husband, am still trying to wrap my head around this.

    I'm following the story closely, and at first I thought the claim was made by a student that she had (expletive deleted) off somehow (my mom, a 32-year teacher, even admitted some students will concoct stories like this when they're tired of tutoring or their tutor, or sick of a particular teacher). When the news broke of the tapes that HCSO made, I was floored. I had spent the prior several days defending her when people talked about it and telling them of my personal relationship with Ethel and how there was no way in Hell she did it.

    If I was to talk to Ethel now, I'd have to just tell her she needs to get her act right, she's obviously not the same chick I knew way back when. I dunno, maybe even invite her to church.

    Ethel, you've shamed yourself and your family and all of the people that defended you when the accusation came to light. Damn.
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