Arrested Teachers in the News 16 November (Friday)

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    Sex abuse, female perps:

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    Sex abuse, male perps:

    Christopher R. Kloman (Julie Avenue, McLean, Virginia), 73, former (1965-1994) teacher at Potomac School, McLean, Virginia, "three counts of indecent liberties and one count of abduction with intent to defile" dating to the 1960's.
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    Benjamin Schwartz, 32, special needs teacher at Brookline High School [Brookline Public Schools], Brookline, Massachusetts, "arrested on child pornography charges"
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    Angus McCormack (Lorraine Road, Dundee), IT teacher at Monifieth High School [Angus Council], Monifieth, Angus, United Kingdom, "thousands of child abuse images and videos"
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