Mitchell Alex Fontenot, Eunice, Louisiana (under investigation Dec 2012) [failure to report]

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    Eunice, Louisiana, educators with issues:
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    Mitchell Alex Fontenot, 46, principal at Eunice High School [St. Landry Parish School Board], Eunice, Louisiana, under investigation for failing to report allegations of prohibited sexual contact between an educator and student involving teacher Jacqueline Fruge

    Mitch Fontenot is also alleged to have engaged in sexual conduct with Jacqueline Fruge, which might explain his purported failure to forward allegations regarding Jacqueline Fruge to the appropriate authorities.

    Eunice Today: Police say sexting net could widen at Eunice High (Dec 27 2012)

    The Louisiana Attorney General’s Office will be asked to look into additional allegations arising from charges of alleged sexual misconduct by a former Eunice High teacher ... Police allege evidence of sexual conduct involving professionals at the school, which is not illegal, came to light in the investigation. They also said the AG’s Office will be asked to determine if failure by members of the faculty with knowledge of the alleged illicit communications from Fruge to the student to report them to law enforcement is a chargeable offense.


    “This investigation was initiated when the photos were presented to the investigating officer but never reported by the principal. “Not reporting this offense is a violation of Louisiana Revised Statute 14:81.4 section F. Section F states that such incidents are to be reported to local or state law enforcement immediately.” Guillory also said the department determined Principal Mitch Fontenot and Fruge engaged in what he termed misconduct. The law does not prohibit consensual sexual interaction between school faculty and/or staff. Police said School Board policy may be a different matter. The school is currently closed for Christmas-New Year's break. Fontenot had no comment about the matter when contacted Thursday.

    Calls to School Board members Harry Fruge, Roger Young and Josie Frank, Interim Supt. Joseph Cassimere and board attorney Gerard Caswell for comment were not immediately successful.

    "School board members Harry Fruge ..."? Apparently Jacqueline Fruge a has relative on the school board?

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    Not only does it appear that Jacqueline Fruge is possibly related to school board member Harry Fruge, but one of the assistant principals (Candace Lynn Fontenot, 38) might be related to the principal, Mitch Frontenot:

    Eunice Today: Eunice High gets new assistant principal (Oct 10 2009)

    Candace Fontenot is the new assistant principal at Eunice High School. But though all involved speak highly of her ...
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    The Town Talk: Ex-Louisiana schoolteacher charged with 'sexting'; principal implicated (Dec 28 2012)

    A former Eunice High School teacher [Jacquline Fruge] has been charged with having a prohibited sexual relation with a student, and Eunice police say the case could result in separate charges against school administrators as well.


    On Thursday, however, [Eunice Deputy Chief Varden] Guillory [Sr.] said the case also involves school administrators, specifically Eunice High School Principal Mitch Fontenot, who also is accused of carrying on a sexual relationship with Fruge. "During the investigation it was discovered that there were cases of sexual misconduct taking place between members of the faculty on the school campus between the suspect and the principal," said Fontenot. Guillory said Fontenot was made aware of the sexting messages to the student weeks before Fruge resigned. "He knew about it and he never brought it to our attention," said Guillory. State law requires that such cases, if known by public servants, be reported to local law enforcement agencies. Failure to do so constitutes malfeasance of office, a misdemeanor.

    Argus Leader: Ex-Louisiana schoolteacher charged with 'sexting'; principal implicated (Dec 28 2012)

    News-Star: Police: Louisiana teacher sent lewd photos to student (Dec 29 2012)
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    KATC: Alleged Sexting Scandal and Affair Involves Eunice Teacher, Principal (Dec 27 2012)

    [Jacqueline] Fruge resigned at the beginning of December amid allegations of sexual misconduct. But the investigation doesn't end there, more faculty could be involved. Eunice Police Deputy Chief Varden Guillory said Eunice High School's principal, Mitch Fontenot, knew about the alleged sexting but never reported it to police nor to the St. Landry Parish School Board. It was students who ultimately turned in Fruge. "This was reported to the principal by other students of the school and no action was taken," said Guillory. For weeks the sexually explicit pictures of Fruge have been circulating among students. Police said she sent them to a male student, then the images made their way to other students, the internet and even the school's principal.