Arrested Teachers in the News 22-23 Dec 2011 (Thursday-Friday)

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    Tiffany Suzanne Davis, Dobson, North Carolina, Surry Central High School teacher, sex with student
    Matthew Rosevear, Ogilvie High School teacher, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, sex with student
    Thomas Odon, Winnebago High School band teacher, Winnebago, Illinois, sex with student, 15
    Daniel Doyle, Huntingdon High School teacher, Huntingdon / Carroll County, Tennessee , statutory rape of student, 16
    Robert Lugiano, Wyoming Seminary lower school music teacher, Kingston, Pennsylvania, on leave (not arrested) during police investigation of "unspecified incident", charged 9 Feb.
    Stephen Alexander Martin, elementary school teacher at Dr. C.F. Cannon Public School, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, internet luring, child pornography
    Jonathan Garner-Harris, director of Marrick Priory, Marrick, near Richmond, North Yorkshire, international paedophile ring
    Kenneth R. Brown, janitor at Beebe Elementary, Naperville, Illinois, indeceny, exposing himself to another teacher
    Carl Richardson, North Fort Myers / Lee County, Florida, Lehigh Acres Middle School teacher, selling cocaine
    Frank Tedesco, former Crossroads Academy teacher, Belle Glade, Florida, cyberstalking
    Update: Brian Bizzell
    Update: Stephanie Deffner
    Update: Jesus Mosqueda
    Update: Jessica Pomerleau
    Update: Paulina Suess