Arrested Teachers in the News 11 Jan 2012 (Wednesday)

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    Craig Richard Chandler, San Jose, California, aggravated sexual assault on a child
    Alexander Olivares, Portland, Oregon, former teacher's aid at Aloha High School, plead guilty to attempted sexual abuse
    Peter Scott, South Golden Beach, New South Wales, Australia, arrested for sexual assaults of "three male students while he was a teacher at a Sydney high school"
    Steve Gronke, Vista City, California, arrested for felony domestic violence, DA declined to file charges
    Mona Lisa Tello, (expletive deleted)'s Kitchen, New York City, New York, faked jury duty documents
    Update: Daniel Montague Acker, Jr.
    Update: Carole Ann Hope
    Update: John F. "Jay" Jones IV
    Update: Keith Randy Kishbaugh
    Update: Michael Lyons, Waterloo, Iowa
    Update: Patricia Franks-Martin
    Update: Brett Messenger, Waterloo, Iowa
    Update: Darrin Miller
    Darrin Miller, Memphis, Tennessee, Sheffield High School, Memphis City Schools