Peter Scott, South Golden Beach, New South Wales, Australia (arrested Jan 2012) [sexual assault]

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    Name: Peter Scott

    Age: 61

    School: Mullumbimby High School, Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia; later at Byron Bay High School, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia [these are far north of Sydney, closer to Brisbane, so I'm guessing the assaults occurred in a 3rd not-yet-named high school in the Sydney metro]

    Position: Visual arts teacher

    Victims: 3 boys, ages not specified

    Business: B#Sharp Productions (Google Cache) (YouTube Channel)

    Manly Daily (10 Jan 2012): Northern beaches teacher charged over student sexual assaults

    Northern Star (11 Jan 2012): Teacher arrested for sex, drug crimes

    Ballina Shire Advocate (11 Jan 2012): Teacher arrested for sex, drug crimes

    Gold Coast (11 Jan 2012): Man arrested over alleged sex assault

    ABC (11 Jan 2012): Ex-teacher accused of molesting boys

    Daily Examiner (11 Jan 2012): Man faces sex charges from 80s

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    B#Sharp Productions Music Videos


    Non Stop Dancers - Shake This City
    Peter Scott, Stacy Pollard, John Wilkinson, John Whitteron (camera)

    MODELS - I Hear Motion
    Peter Scott, Tony Gailey, John Wilkinson, Martin Stauce - 122835 views

    MENTAL AS ANYTHING - Apocalypso
    Peter Scott, Stacy Pollard, John Wilkinson, Martin Stauce, Tony Gailey

    MENTAL AS ANYTHING - Brain Brain
    Peter Scott, John Wilkinson, Martin Stauce, Tony & Peter Gailey -

    Dropbears - Fun Lovin' (1982)
    Peter Scott, Martin Stauce, Tony Gailey

    Midnight Oil - The Real Thing
    Live at the Backroom Byron Bay

    Mental As Anything - Spirit Got Lost (1983)
    Peter Scott, John Wilkinson, Martin Stauce, Tony Gailey

    George Smilovici - I'm Tuff
    Peter Scott, Stacy Pollard

    George Smilovici - Popularity
    Peter Scott, Stacy Pollard, Tony Gailey

    Lost Youth - Surfing in Australia
    Peter Scott

    Divinyls - The Good Die Young
    Peter Scott, Stacy Pollard, John Wilkinson, David Sanderson (camera)

    Choir Boys - You're with the Big Boys Now
    Peter Scott, Julian Russell, Tony Gailey, Stacy Pollard, John Wilkinson

    The Agents - Seventh Samurai

    X - Mother

    Pel Mel - Pandemonium

    Directors: Peter Scott / Stacy Pollard
    PO Box 722 Byron Bay 2481 AUSTRALIA
  4. The school in question is Cromer High on sydney's northern beaches. Mr Scott was my art teacher for 5yrs during the 80's. He also was a teacher on a number of Metropolitan North Regional Art Camps for gifted students which I also attended. Not sure if I believe these accusations..... This was bought to court once before only to be thrown out!
  6. School was Cromer High. Peter Scott was very social with students - has come back to bite him.
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    Peter was mt teacher for 3 years at Mullumbimby high school and also a close friend for at least 8years with me and my friends and family, he is a friendly character but i honestly don't believe the charges against him are substantiated and this is possibly an attempt to destroy him due to his friendly nature possibly massively exaggerated against him.
    I hope they get to the bottom of all this.
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    Oh dear, Get The Facts failed to live up to his/her name. The previous Court matter involved civil (damages) claims brought by two other men who had been his students at another school miles away in western Sydney. The criminal charges to be heard in the matter to start in a few weeks (11Feb 2013) are completely unrelated except for the alleged perpetrator.
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    Hi all, I understand it is difficult to hear these types of accusations against someone you know and like, believe me, I would have said the same thing back in the 80's when my friends and I knew him as a great teacher. It was some of those friends who revealed 20 or so years later that they were victims of his abuse and went to the police. I'm sure by now you have heard of his guilt and sentencing. My fear is there may be many more victims from his time at Mullumbimby. Hopefully on hearing of his guilt they may know they are not alone in having their trust betrayed so poisonously.