William Schellinger, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania (arrested Jan 2012)

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    Name: William Schellinger, Colonial Middle School, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

    Age: 41

    School: Colonial Middle School, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania (formerly taught at Father Judge High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

    Position: 8th grade Spanish teacher

    Victim: Five 8th-grade boys

    Email: wschellinger@colonialsd.org

    Background article from last fall -- no charges were filed at that time:

    Times Herald (28 Oct 2011): Search warrant executed at Colonial Middle School, teacher accused of inappropriate contact with students

    There's a lot more info in the Times Herald article.

    Current articles:

    Plymouth Whitemarsh Patch (12 Jan 2012): Colonial Middle School Teacher Arrested on Indecent Assault Charges

    Plymouth Whitemarsh Patch (12 Jan 2012): School District Reacts to Teacher Arrest

    Philadelphia Inquirer (12 Jan 2012): Montco teacher charged in indecent assault of students

    CBS Local Philadelphia (12 Jan 2012): Montgomery County Teacher Accused Of Inappropriately Touching Male Students

    Still listed in the directory of Colonial Middle School teachers as of 18 Jan 2012:

    schellinger william school directory info.jpg
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    NBC Philadelphia (13 Jan 2012): Middle School Teacher Inappropriately Touched Students: DA

    Philadelphia Intelligencer (13 Jan 2012): Montco teacher charged with indecent assault

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    This is too funny.....well not for the victims, its sad. I actually was student of lil Billy @ Father Judge in 1995. I was suspended for calling him a "fag". He never physically assaulted me, but what he said to me prompted my reponse of FAG. 15 yrs ago one could tell he was a pedo in the making. Gotta love the archdiocese for employee screening there. I have had well over 20 yrs of catholic education kindergarten threw college.....and he was not the only one who gave off that vibe. I hope justice is served and the victims recv thier due care and are made wholr again.
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    Middle school is already hard enough. I still carry emotional wounds from those days. I was not mollested though, I can't imagine how much more difficult that makes it!