West Chester, Pennsylvania: Police Department finds no fault in controversial arrest video

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    "No fault", the cop was just beating the (expletive deleted) out of him as he was trained to do.

    Pigs @ work: When the drunk didn't roll over onto his stomach quickly enough, one of the pigs punched him in the face.​

    The twitter video is here.

    WC Police Department finds no fault in controversial arrest video

    In a statement released on March 6 by West Chester mayor Dianne Herrin and newly appointed chief of police Jim Morehead, the internal investigation into a controversial arrest last November has found no fault on the part of the officer involved. The video of the arrest, which was retweeted nearly 2,000 times and has received over 170,000 views, shows an officer restraining one arm of an intoxicated man lying on his back in the street; the officer demands that the man turn over on his stomach, before punching him in the face and yelling the order again. While there was ...

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