Wesley Adam Hayes, Medina, Tennessee (arrested Oct 2012) [making methamphetamine]

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    Wesley Adam Hayes (1xx June Cove, Medina, Tennessee), 30, history teacher & assistant football coach at South Side High School [Jackson-Madison County School System], Jackson, Tennessee, "accused of making methamphetamine"

    WBBJ TV: South Side Teacher Arrested on Meth Charges (Oct 25 2012)

    They are talking about Wesley Adam Hayes, 30. West Tennessee Drug Task Force agents arrested him and four others Wednesday night at his Medina home on Juno Cove. Hayes, Michelle Dean, Matthew McNeal, Eugene Mestan and Daniel Arrington were all charged with manufacture of methamphetamine, along with three other drug charges ... What neighbors said is even more shocking, is that the house is right across the street from Medina Middle School.

    WBBJ TV: South Side HS Teacher and Four Others Charged with Making Meth (Oct 25 2012)

    Five people including a South Side High School teacher and coach are jailed in Gibson County and accused of making methamphetamine. According to a news release, agents of the West Tennessee Violent Crime and Drug Task Force with assistance from Jackson/Madison County Narcotics Unit and the Medina Police Department, executed a search warrant on Wednesday evening at a home in the 100 block of Juno Cove in Medina. he home belongs to Wesley Adam Hayes, 30, who is a teacher at South Side High School and an assistant football coach. School board officials said Hayes has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

    Wesley Adam Hayes, Medina, Tennessee, South Side High School, Jackson-Madison County School System, Jackson, Medina Middle School
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    WBBJ TV: No Random Drug Tests for Teachers (Oct 26 2012)

    After a teacher's arrest on drug charges, residents are asking just how closely thousands of area teachers are monitored by their school district. Police arrested Wesley Adam Hayes, 30 for the manufacture of methamphetamine in his Medina home, Wednesday. Officials said Hayes, who was an assistant football coach and history teacher at South Side High School has been suspended without pay, pending the outcome of the investigation ... Many employers in the government and the private sector require random drug tests, but officials said that is not the case when it comes to employment in education.
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    I Heart. These charges are still only accusations. These people, including the teacher involved, are innocent until proven guilty. This is a terrible situation with humiliating publicity attached to it. Now, what you have done is aided in the spread of a disastrous rumor. Please think about the possibility of the charges being dropped and how your actions will impair the future of the people involved in this case. Shame on you! How would you feel if you were ACCUSED of something that may or may not be true and having your name, your parents names, and you place of employment blasted all over the news and internet for strangers to judge you without a chance to defend yourself? Good luck in the future with your assuming perfect life while you help destroy others. God bless you.
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    Wahhhh!!!!!! Do you read newspapers or watch TV?

    Get a life.