Werner Alcid Girard, Peoria, Arizona (arrested June 2014) [sexual assault, video voyeurism]

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    Werner Alcid Girard, 37, former (resigned 22 May) teacher at Peoria High School, Peoria Unified School District, Peoria, Arizona, "facing charges of voyeurism, unlawful recording, unlawful disclosure of film without consent, sexual conduct with a minor, sexual exploitation of a minor and sexual assault"

    PD: Peoria teacher arrested for alleged sex assault of students

    AVONDALE, AZ (CBS5) - A former Valley high school teacher is under arrest, accused of taking videos of himself fondling underage students who were naked and passed out at his home. Police say 37-year-old Werner Girard had videos of two girls, ages 15 and 16 years old at the time, who were both students of his. The girls said they had been drinking alcohol at Girard's house in Avondale and passed out. Girard took videos of the girls undressed on his cell phone on March 22, March 25 and April 15, the police report states. Police said he showed the ...

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    Police: Peoria teacher had underage sex videos

    A former high school drama teacher was arrested Wednesday after videos of sexual contact with minors were found on his phone, police said. Werner Alcid Girard, 37, taught in the Peoria Unified School District until the end of the 2103-2014 school year, said district spokeswoman Danielle Airey. On Girard's phone, investigators found videos of Girard engaging in sexual conduct with two underage girls, a 15-year-old, and a 17-year-old who was 16 at the time the videos were taken, records show. The videos depict the girls in various stages of undress, as well as Girard touching the girls inappropriately, records show. ...

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    Werner Alcid Girard, Peoria High School, Peoria Unified School District, Peoria, Arizona
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    Metro Phoenix teacher accused of filming sexual assault

    An Avondale teacher has been accused of filming his sexual assault of two underage students. Police booked 37-year-old Werner Alcid Girard on Wednesday on a dozen counts related to sexual conduct with a minor, sexual assault, voyeurism and unlawful viewing of a tape or recording of a person. Avondale police received a report May 26 that Girard possessed cellphone videos depicting a 15-year-old girl and 16-year-old girl in various states of undress. Police found three videos and all were made between March 22 and April 15. One showed Girard fondling the 15-year-old. The victims, who both were in his class, ...

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