Vaughn McKinney, Queens, New York City, New York (arrested Dec 2012)

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    Vaughn McKinney (Jamaica, New York), 58, music teacher and choir director at I.S. 059 Springfield Gardens [New York City Department of Education], Queens, New York City, New York, "arrested Thursday for having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl"

    Queens Courier: Queens music teacher accused of sleeping with 16-year-old (Dec 20 2012)

    Vaughn McKinney, 58, is accused of starting a relationship with the female student when she was 16 after the two met through a Brooklyn church choir group, led by McKinney’s wife at the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church ... Her mother alleged that after meeting, her daughter spoke with McKinney about needing a job, and the pervy perp said he would give her money in exchange for sex. This continued, and McKinney also provided her with a cell phone, on which the two communicated, gave her an iPod and money to buy clothes.

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    DNAInfo: Teacher Seduced 16-Year-Old He Met in Wife's Church Choir, Officials Say (Dec 20 2012)

    The relationship began about March 2011 when the girl — who was a member a Brooklyn church choir led by [Vaughn] McKinney's wife, Patricia — approached McKinney to help her find a job, the victim's mother told investigators. That's when McKinney first allegedly took advantage of the girl, the agency found. He told her "he would be willing to give her money in exchange for sex," the SCI report said. The girl's father told investigators earlier this year that his daughter began having sex with McKinney after she told him she wanted a cell phone she could not afford, according to the report. “If I get you the cell phone, you know what you have to do for it,” McKinney told the victim, according to the SCI report.

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    New York Post: B'klyn music teacher busted for having sex with teen choir member: cops (Dec 20 2012)

    The now 18-year-old girl told investigators she had sex with [Vaughn] McKinney 12 to 15 times throughout 2011 — including at a hotel identified as the Surfside Motel in Queens and in his East Flatbush basement on Sundays after his wife, Patricia, had left for church. Patricia McKinney is the musical director for the East Flatbush Ecumenical Community Choir, which the girl was a member of for four years. Vaughn McKinney would sometimes attend the choir’s practice sessions.
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    Gothamist: Brooklyn Music Teacher Accused Of Sexually Abusing Choir Girl (Dec 20 2012)

    Also troubling is that the girl's mother says she already knew about the relationship but didn't do anything about it until others, like the pastor, caught on. According to the SCI report (below), "approximately two or three weeks earlier," the mother had been contacted by [Vaughn] McKinney's wife Patricia McKinney, who requested an urgent meeting. They met at a restaurant, where Patricia McKinney showed the mother a phone invoice she'd found in her husband's belongings with the daughter's name on it, and demanded to know why her husband had the bill.
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    CBS Local New York: Queens Middle School Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Student (Dec 20 2012)

    A Queens middle school teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl was arrested Thursday.
    Vaughn McKinney, 58, met the alleged victim through a Brooklyn church choir his wife ran, officials said.
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    MSNBC: Queens Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Underage Girl (Dec 21 2012)

    Parents and students at I.S. 59 in Jamaica, Queens were shocked to learn that longtime music teacher Vaughn McKinney was arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with an underage girl. Investigators say McKinney met the girl through his wife, who directs the East Flatbush Ecumenical Choir, and that the alleged victim was not a student of his. According to a report by the Special Commissioner of Investigation, McKinney began having sex with the girl when she was 16. Investigators allege that McKinney had sex with the girl more than a dozen times in 2011 and that the first encounter was in March of that year, when McKinney's wife traveled out of town for a religious retreat.
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    Queens Chronicle: Teacher charged with having sex with teen (Dec 27 2012)

    A teacher at a Jamaica school has been arrested on charges that he had sex with a student, who may have been as young as 16 at the time, and in exchange he allegedly gave her money and gifts. Vaughn McKinney, 58, taught an orchestral music class at IS 59, a middle school at 132-55 Ridgedale St., and made $83,642 annually, according to the Department of Education. He allegedly met his victim, who attended a public school in Brooklyn, through a choir program run by his wife.