various school staff & police officers, Murfreesboro, Tennessee(April 2016)[false arrest of 10 kids]

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    The incident started when a busybody teacher (name unknown) at Hobgood Elementary School (Murfreesboro City Elementary School District) saw a video on a student's phone & turned it over to the police. Not much ever happens in Murfreesboro, so the donut eaters jumped on the crime of the century and arrested a bunch of kids on the ludicrous charge of "criminal responsibility for conduct of another."

    As government employees, public school teachers are also governed by the Fourth Amendments restrictions on unlawful search and seizure. That question, as best I can tell, has not yet been raised.

    The first civil suit involved the three children of the Crawford family, of whom two were not on the video and could not possibly have present (one was home sick, the other was attending an awards banquet), and the third was not shown or heard on the video. The defendents settled this lawsuit for approx. $20K per child, i.e. $10K per cuff.

    A second lawsuit regarding four other children was filed in May, 2018.

    And there is a third lawsuit, I don't have any specifics yet.​

    Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr, too stupid to eat donuts, let alone to run a police department

    Officer Chrystal Templeton, blonde & stupid, the prime instigator behind this debacle, and she has no shame: "Rather than being thankful to keep her job with Murfreesboro Police in light of the problems caused with this ill-advised and faulty arrest, Templeton disagreed with the discipline and requested a hearing before the chief, according to records." Dumb just keeps getting dumber the more I read about this case.

    These Elementary School Students Avoided a Fight -- but Were Arrested Anyway

    It's hard to imagine just one child between the ages of 6 and 10 getting arrested for any reason, but the thought of five elementary school–aged kids in handcuffs for the "crime" of not stopping a fight is nearly incomprehensible. Sadly, that's exactly what happened in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, last week -- and their parents (not to mention a lot of other people) are understandably outraged. If you're hoping, at this point, that maybe learning the details of this incident will make it somehow less absurd, I'm sorry to tell you that's not the case -- there's literally nothing about this ...

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    Tennessee first-graders cuffed, arrested, charged

    Police handcuffed multiple students, ages 6 to 11, at a public elementary school in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on Friday, inspiring public outcry and adding fuel to already heightened tensions between law enforcement and communities of color nationwide. The arrests at Hobgood Elementary School occurred after the students were accused of not stopping a fight that happened several days earlier off campus. A juvenile center later released the students, but local community members now call for action — police review of the incident and community conversation — and social justice experts across the country use words such as "startling" and "flabbergasted" in ...

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    Lawmakers call for investigation of child arrests in Murfreesboro

    A pair of Nashville Democratic lawmakers are calling for state and federal law enforcement to investigate actions by Murfreesboro police that led to an unknown number of arrests of school-age children. Murfreesboro police arrested several students, ages 6 to 11, on Friday at Hobgood Elementary School after they reportedly didn't break up a fight off school grounds. The students have been released, but House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Stewart and Rep. John Ray Clemmons are echoing the outrage of parents and community members about why the children were arrested. Stewart and Clemmons want the U.S. Justice Department and Tennessee Bureau ...

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    Five children aged under 13 are arrested in school, handcuffed and taken to jail 'because they failed to intervene in an off-campus argument over a basketball'
    • Five children aged between eight and 13 arrested on Friday, police said
    • Majority were arrested at Hobgood Elementary School in Murfreesboro
    • Officers handcuffed them, took them to jail and charged them for not intervening in a fight over a basketball that was filmed off-campus
    • Zacchaeus Crawford said three of his children were among those arrested and called cop's actions 'nonsense in the fullest definition'
    • More than 150 people vented their fury at community meeting on Sunday where police chief promised the incident would be investigated
    Parents have reacted with fury after Tennessee police decided to arrest at least five children at school for not intervening in a fight that took place off campus. Zacchaeus Crawford said cops arrested his daughters, aged 11 and 10, and his son aged nine at Hobgood Elementary School in Murfreesboro on Friday, with two other kids aged eight and 13. Crawford told WSMV that the five youngsters were handcuffed and taken to a juvenile detention center to be charged with criminal responsibility of another after failing to intervene in a fight. The incident in question took place in Crawford's back ...

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    Police chief apologizes after officers handcuff and arrest TEN Tennessee children aged 11 or under who were filmed punching and taunting boy

    • Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr apologized for the April 15 incident
    • He said he was 'saddened' and will open investigation into police conduct
    • But he added that police needed to intervene in this case
    • The video shows a single boy being punched and taunted by many others
    • It was altered to obscure the boys' identities
    • The charges against the boys will not be dropped

    A Tennessee police chief has apologized to a furious community and promised an investigation into why his officers handcuffed and arrested ten Murfreesboro children all, aged 11 or under, who were filmed bullying a boy over a basketball. 'I am so saddened, and I'm so sorry this incident happened,' Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr told The Tennessean, 'because I truly think it could have been avoided.' However, the paper reported, there are no plans to dismiss the charges, which are now in front of the Juvenile Court of Rutherford County. The video, which was edited to obscure the kids' identities, ...

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    Parents file lawsuit over Hobgood Elementary arrests

    17 February 2017

    Parents of three Hobgood Elementary children arrested in April following a videotaped bullying incident and fight have filed suit against the city of Murfreesboro, five Murfreesboro police officers and Rutherford County government. Filed Thursday in U.S. District Court on behalf of Zaccheus and LaVonia Crawford and their children, the suit stems from the April 15 arrest of four Hobgood students on school grounds by Murfreesboro Police officers. At the time the Crawfords' children and six others from at least two other schools were with charged with criminal responsibility of another for the fight that took place a month earlier off ...
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    Lawsuit docket:


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    The complaint:

    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-49-391.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-49-392.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3101.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3102.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3103.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3104.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3105.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3106.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3107.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3108.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3109.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3110.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3111.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3112.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3113.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3114.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3115.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3116.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3117.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3118.jpg
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    The complaint, continued:

    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3119.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3120.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3121.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3122.jpg
    Copy of 2018-08-23_23-53-3123.jpg
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    Original PDF files for the complaint:

    Attached Files:

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    Mediation report:


    Attached Files:

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    Settlement Order:


    Attached Files:

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    Judgment Entry:


    Attached Files:

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    Motion to Approve Minor Settlement: (it appears the kids got $10K per cuff, plus attorney fees; that should cut in to dumb cops' donut funds for a while)

    Copy of 2018-08-24_0-22-591.png
    Copy of 2018-08-24_0-22-592.png
    Copy of 2018-08-24_0-22-593.png
    Copy of 2018-08-24_0-22-594.png

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    D.A. says charges against Hobgood students to be dropped

    1 June 2016

    Ten Murfreesboro children arrested for not breaking up a neighborhood fight after a video about the incident showed up on social media will have their charges dropped, District Attorney Jennings Jones confirmed Wednesday evening. “I don’t like to talk about juvenile matters, but in this particular matter it’s the state’s intention to drop the assault charges,” Jones told a Daily News Journal reporter. The children, ages 9 to 12, were charged April 15 with "criminal responsibility of another," according to a petition charging the children and viewed by The DNJ. Some of the arrests occurred at Hobgood Elementary, where the ...
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    Report: Murfreesboro officers violated policy in Hobgood arrests

    20 December 2016

    A majority of the officers who took part in the April investigation and arrests of students at Hobgood Elementary violated Murfreesboro Police Department policy, according to an internal investigation report. On April 15, four students were arrested at Hobgood by MPD officers and charged with criminal responsibility of another. In total, 10 children from at least three schools were charged in a bullying incident that took place in March off school grounds, but only four were taken into custody on school grounds. The other children were surrendered by their parents or taken into custody at their homes. The charges against ...

    Six officers cited for violations: After the arrests, Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr ordered MPD's Office of Professional Responsibility to investigate the incident. The investigation included interviewing 20 witnesses, along with reviewing dashcam video, security footage from Hobgood and written reports of the arrests. The findings were then reviewed by Assistant Chief Eric Cook. He then made recommendations to Durr about how to handle the allegations against each officer and recommended whether disciplinary action should be taken. The disciplinary forms were issued by Cook on Oct. 31 and signed by Durr on Dec. 12. As for the 10 officers involved, ...

    Multiple investigations agree: After the arrests and public outcry, Durr launched two investigations into the incident. First, Durr formed an internal After-Action Review Committee to determine whether any policies or procedures were violated and to make recommendations for policy changes. After the report was completed, Durr met with local pastors to review the findings. The meeting between about two dozen community members and the police department took place in May at First Baptist Church on East Castle. A second, more extensive investigation was conducted by the MPD Office of Professional Responsibility. Durr also requested the Metro Nashville Police Department’s Internal ...

    Durr: Changes have been made: Durr said the reports uncovered many issues that have since been addressed. “As we move into 2017, the community should know that we are incorporating training initiatives to continue a tradition of providing excellent police services to our residents and visitors,” he said. “In community meetings,” Durr continued, “it has been discussed how this has impacted the community. We listened and have made significant efforts internally and will continue to make external efforts to provide police services the community can be proud of.” Over the past few months, MPD has initiated policies that provide options ...
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    Officers disciplined, suspended for roles in Hobgood arrests

    23 January 2017

    The police officer who spearheaded the investigation that led to the arrests of elementary school students will be suspended and placed on probation, according to documents from the Murfreesboro Police Department. Officer Crystal Templeton received a three-day suspension and six months of disciplinary probation for her role in the April arrests of 10 students at Hobgood Elementary School in Murfreesboro, according to documents provided exclusively to The DNJ. Five other officers also were disciplined. Three received written reprimands, and two were punished more harshly with suspensions for failing to properly supervise officers under their command in the incident, which brought ...
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    A second lawsuit was filed by the mothers of four other children arrested by Chrystal Templeton & Co., I'll try to dig up the court filings over the weekend:

    Mothers file suit against Murfreesboro police officer, say children falsely arrested

    25 May 2018

    The mothers of four elementary school children arrested in April 2016 in relation to a cell phone video of a fight have filed a lawsuit against a Murfreesboro police officer. Representing five children charged in the case, Elexecia Martin, Jacqueline Brinkley, Mattie Smith and Nicole Alexander allege that Officer Chrystal Templeton violated their children's civil rights by falsely arresting them and pursuing malicious prosecution. The lawsuit was filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Nashville. The case stems from a March 2016 bullying incident and fight that took place off school grounds and was captured on video. The cases were ...
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    One of America's dumbest -- if not the dumbest -- police chiefs resigned:

    Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr resigns

    19 October 2017

    Karl Durr stepped down as Murfreesboro Police chief Thursday afternoon in an unexpected move. Durr started at the department April 4, 2016. His resignation was submitted to City Manager Rob Lyons Thursday and will be effective Friday. He previously served as the assistant chief in Eugene, Ore., and was hired in February 2016 after his predecessor, Glenn Chrisman retired at the end of 2015. "It has been an honor to serve as the chief of police for the city of Murfreesboro which I have come to appreciate and value this community. Change is an on-going process that can involve many ...

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    Black Children Were Jailed For A Crime That Doesn’t Exist. Almost Nothing Happened To The Adults In Charge.

    Chapter 1: “What in the World?”

    Three police officers were crowded into the assistant principal’s office at Hobgood Elementary School, and Tammy Garrett, the school’s principal, had no idea what to do. One officer, wearing a tactical vest, was telling her: Go get the kids. A second officer was telling her: Don’t go get the kids. The third officer wasn’t saying anything. Garrett knew the police had been sent to arrest some children, although exactly which children, it would turn out, was unclear to everyone, even to these officers. The names police had given the principal included four girls, now sitting in classrooms throughout the school. ...

    Chapter 2: “The Mother of the County”:

    Eleven children in all were arrested over the video, including the 8-year-old taken in by mistake. Media picked up the story. Parents and community leaders condemned the actions of police. “Unimaginable, unfathomable,” a Nashville pastor said. “Unconscionable,” “inexcusable,” “insane,” three state legislators said. But Rutherford County’s juvenile court judge focused instead on the state of youth, telling a local TV station: “We are in a crisis with our children in Rutherford County. … I’ve never seen it this bad.” Rutherford County established the position of elected juvenile court judge in 2000, and ever since, Donna Scott Davenport has been the ...

    Chapter 3: “Yeah, That’s the Charge”

    On the same Friday afternoon as three police officers jammed into the assistant principal’s office at Hobgood Elementary School, three other people huddled in another office a few miles away, to discuss what charge these kids could face. Chrystal Templeton, the police officer investigating the video, wanted to arrest every kid who watched the fight and “get them all in front” of Davenport, she would say later during an internal police investigation. Charging them was helping them, Templeton believed, because “juvenile court is about rehabilitation.” Templeton thought an appropriate charge might be conspiracy to commit assault. But then she met ...

    Chapter 4: “We Will Hold the Juvenile”

    When police took the 12-year-old twins to the Rutherford County Juvenile Detention Center on Saturday, April 16, 2016, the odds that either would be jailed were long, at least under Tennessee law. Recognizing the harm that can come from incarcerating kids, Tennessee lawmakers have placed narrow limits on when a child accused of being delinquent can be held in a secure lockdown prior to receiving a court hearing. The child must fit one of six categories, precisely defined. They include being a jail escapee; being wanted elsewhere for a felony offense; or being accused, on substantial evidence, of a crime ...

    Chapter 5: “They’re Not Coming Out Better Than They Went In”

    She had tried to stop the scuffle. The evidence was right there, in the video. Stop, Tay-Tay. Stop, Tay-Tay. Then, asked by police for help, she had helped. The police had responded by arresting her, as she vomited and cried, saying that she had “encouraged and caused” the fight. When E.J. was taken to the detention center, she was processed along with C.C., her best friend. Jail staff recorded E.J.’s name and birthdate (she was 10 years old), conducted a 16-point search and confiscated her jewelry, all her small rings. Then they placed the two fourth graders in a holding ...

    Chapter 6: “There Were No Concerns”

    In the immediate aftermath of the arrests at Hobgood Elementary, the Murfreesboro police chief promised an internal investigation. By year’s end, the department had finished its report. The officer who bailed before the arrests got a one-day suspension. So did the sergeant in charge of school resource officers. Three other supervisors also were disciplined: the sergeant, lieutenant and major who had not stepped in, even as Officer Williams called them from the assistant principal’s office, raising the alert. Each received a reprimand. As for Templeton, who had initiated the arrests, the department made one finding: Her work had been “unsatisfactory.” ...

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