Vanessa Lopez, Pomona, California (arrested Apr 2012)

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    Name: Vanessa Angelica Lopez, Chino, California

    Age: 22 (born 3 July 1989)

    School: Marshall Middle School [Pomona Unified School District], Pomona, California

    Position: Special education teachers aide

    Victim: Boy, 15

    Pasadena Star News (25 Apr 2012): Pomona Unified teacher's aide arrested on suspicion of sex with 15-year-old boy

    National Confidential (26 Apr 2012): Vanessa Lopez: Pomona Unified Teacher’s Aide Arrested For Sex With Student

    ABC Local KABC (1 May 2012): Pomona teacher's aide arrested for sex with 15-year-old student

    MD News & PR (3 May 2012): Pomona Teacher’s Aide Arrested

    Chino Champion (5 May 2012): Police charge educator with molesting teen

    Vanessa Angelica Lopez, Chino, California, Marshall Middle School, Pomona Unified School District, Pomona
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    Need a babysitter or nanny? Call Vanessa! Note that their web page offers a background check -- not a bad idea. She should consider updating the age groups she can care for and her "additional" services.

    lopez vanessa babysitter nanny 11.png
    lopez vanessa babysitter nanny 22.png

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