Todd Deven McCullough , Saltsburg, Pennsylvania (arrested Oct 2013)

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    Todd Deven McCullough (Apollo, Pennsylvania), 28, shop (technology education) teacher at Saltsburg Middle/High School, Blairsville-Saltsburg School District, Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, "accused of raping a Blairsville-Saltsburg High School student"

    CBS Local Pittsburgh: Saltsburg High School Teacher Accused Of Raping Student (Oct 31 2013)

    According to police, the incident happened in May of 2012 at the school and involved shop teacher, 29-year-old Todd McCullough. The incident was discovered after another female student went to school officials about McCullough making advances toward her ... While officials were investigating the girl’s claims, they uncovered the alleged 2012 incident ... Police described the event as a buildup of advances, from touching to the alleged rape.
    The victim stopped going to class for a period of time to avoid McCullough. “Proceeded to grab her hips from behind, he also proceeded to massage her shoulders and make just comments that a teacher shouldn’t make,” said Trooper Matchik. “He then proceeded to lure her or directed her to a small, isolated back room off of the shop area. He proceeded back there with her; he closed the door, and at that point, he proceeded to pull down his pants and exposed himself to her.”
    Investigators tell KDKA the girl ran from the room avoiding McCullough’s class for a week. Returning after he apologized, but not long after police say McCullough is accused of cornering the girl in the same back room. “He grabbed her and placed her up on one of the tables,” Trooper Matchik said.

    Todd McCullough, Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, Apollo, Saltsburg Middle/High School, Blairsville-Saltsburg School District
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    WPXI: Saltsburg HS teacher accused of raping student (Oct 31 2013)

    The district attorney said Todd Deven McCullough sexually assaulted a student last spring. According to police, the student told investigators that McCullough lured her to a small, private back room and exposed himself. The student said about a week later he apologized to her, but lured her to the room a second time. Police said during the second meeting in the room the student was raped. According to the DA’s Office, the accuser kept the story to herself for a long time before confiding in a friend. That friend convinced the girl to tell the school.
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    WTAE: Saltsburg High School teacher facing charges over alleged student rape: State police arrest Todd McCullough at school (Oct 31 2013)

    A Saltsburg High School shop teacher is facing several charges after investigators allege he raped a female student inside a school closet. Todd McCullough was taken out of school in handcuffs by state police Thursday morning. The girl reportedly told a friend about the incident. District officials were not made aware of any incidents until a different student approached them last week about inappropriate statements McCullough had allegedly made to her. After that, school officials notified state police. Investigators claim the 2012 harassment began just before prom when McCullough made a comment about the victim's tan and asked to see her breasts. She said no, and claims McCullough asked her if she was scared. The girl then told police he took her to the back closet area and exposed himself to her during class. Police reported one week later, McCullough apologized to the girl, but then a few days afterward, he had her taken out of one of her classes. "It does appear this teacher had requested this student to come out of another class and come down to the shop area. That's when the inappropriate relations occurred," said Indiana County District Attorney Patrick Dougherty.
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    The Kittanning Paper: Tech Teacher from Apollo Arrested on Rape Charges (Nov 1 2013)

    According to online criminal docket sheets, McCullough – a technology education teacher at Saltsburg Middle/High School – is charged with 13 criminal violations from an alleged May 31, 2012 incident; six felonies and seven misdemeanors. The charges filed by Trooper Snyder include rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual assault and another charge for sexual contact with a student, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault and exposure, corruption of minors, harassment, disorderly conduct and open lewdness.
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    New York Daily News: Rape charges brought against high school teacher accused of assaulting 16-year-old student (Nov 1 2013)

    Todd D. McCullough, 28, of Apollo, Pa., was arrested for allegedly raping a 16-year-old female student at Saltsburg High School last year, Pennsylvania State Police said, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. State police said the industrial technology teacher made repeated advances to the student for a couple of years, including touching the girl's hips with both hands, massaging her shoulders and complimenting her appearance, the Gazette reported. The teacher also allegedly told the girl she looked "hot" and that his girlfriend was away for the weekend.

    In April 2012, McCullough allegedly said inappropriate things to the student and asked to see her breasts, police said. The victim repeatedly said no, but then McCullough allegedly exposed himself to her in a back room, police said. The bell rang and the girl ran away — avoiding his class for a week until he apologized. But then a few days later he allegedly raped her in that room, police said.
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    UK Daily Mail: Shop teacher, 29, arrested for allegedly raping a 16-year-old student in a classroom and she says he threatened her reputation if she told anyone (Nov 1 2013)
    • A student came forward a week ago saying that Saltsburg High School shop teacher Todd McCullough, 29, made unwelcome advances on her
    • A different 16-year-old student then reported that McCullough raped her last spring
    • McCullough was arrested yesterday morning while at school for a meeting
    • He is being held at the Indiana County Jail on $150,000 bond
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    ABC News: Police Say Pa. Teacher Raped Student in School (Nov 1 2013)

    A western Pennsylvania high school shop teacher raped a 16-year-old student at school last year, state police said, and their investigation into him continues because it began with a recent complaint from another student about unwanted attention from him ... Before the assault, McCullough allegedly made inappropriate comments to the girl, authorities said. "On one occasion, the accused told the victim that she was looking 'hot' and that his girlfriend was going to be away this weekend," police wrote in the criminal complaint. Another time, McCullough allegedly complimented the girl on her tan and asked to see her breasts. McCullough then took the girl to a closet area and exposed himself to her, only to apologize days later. Some days after that, McCullough had the girl taken out of another class and raped her in a private room of the shop class area of the school, police said.

    Centre Daily Times: Police say Pa. teacher raped student in school (Nov 1 2013)

    WJAC TV: Teacher accused of raping student in school (Nov 1 2013)
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    Fox News: Police say teacher raped 16-year-old student in school, additional victims possible (Nov 1 2013)

    Todd McCullough, a 28-year-old teacher at Saltsburg High School, was arraigned Thursday on rape and related charges in connection to the April 2012 incident that state police say occurred in a back room near the shop where McCullough taught. But police only learned of the alleged assault last week after another student told school officials she was hearing rumors that she was “next on the list” of McCullough’s potential targets, Trooper John Matchik said ... A subsequent investigation revealed that McCullough had been physically touching the girl’s hips and shoulders for years and frequently commented on her appearance, Matchik said. Then, in April 2012, as the girl was readying for a school dance, including trips to a tanning salon, McCullough asked the girl if he could see her breasts. The girl repeatedly rebuffed the advance before McCullough eventually exposed himself to the girl in a back room near the shop where he taught, Matchik said. The girl was able to escape that encounter when the school bell rang, Matchik said, but a week later, McCullough allegedly pulled the girl out of another class to apologize. A few days later, McCullough allegedly asked the girl to stay after class before raping her in the back room, Matchik said.