Tiffanie Bedinger, North Richland Hills, Texas (arrested Oct 2011)

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    Name: Tiffanie Bedinger, North Richland Hills, Texas'

    Age: 44

    School: Richland High School

    Position: Business education, cheerleading coach

    Victim: Boy, 17

    Star Telegram (Oct 19 2011): Former Richland High teacher, cheerleading coach arrested for relationship

    My Fox DFW (19 Oct 2011): Former Teacher Arrested on Sex Charges

    WFAA (19 Oct 2011): Former Richland High teacher arrested for inappropriate relationship

    Local News Only (19 Oct 2011): Teacher Allegedly Had Inappropriate Relationship with 17 Year Old Student

    NBC DFW (19 Oct 2011): Richland High School Teacher Charged with Inappropriate Relationship

    KVUE (19 Oct 2011): Former North Texas teacher arrested for inappropriate relationship
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    Star Telegram (20 Oct 2011): Ex-teacher accused of sex with teen said she had sought to stop him from using marijuana

    Kind of like your mom? Would you have sex with your mother?
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    He appears to be immature and was most likely controlled by this sex addict. I bet he learned quite a bit on how to satisfy women.

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