Thomas M. Barany, West Bend, Wisconsin (arrested Dec 2011)

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    >>> Guilty! <<<
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    Name: Thomas M. Barany, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

    Age: 51

    School: Badger Middle School, West Bend, Wisconsin

    Positon: German & French teacher

    Victim: Girl, 7


    Address & phone from

    barany thomas switchboard.png

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (19 Dec 2011): Cedarburg man charged with sexually assaulting child

    Fox 6 Now (20 Dec 2011): Badger Middle School teacher charged with repeated sexual assault of child

    WISN (20 Dec 2011): West Bend Teacher Accused Of Sexual Assault Of Child

    GM Today (20 Dec 2011): West Bend teacher accused of sex assault of child

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    Mr. Barany was a teacher at Badger Middle School. He was my french teacher:D. Out of all my teachers he was my favorite until this all happened. Everyone was talking about him and what he did and they started making up rumors about the whole situation. But all in all Mr. Barany was an awesome guy. Too bad he had to do such horrible things. :(
  3. KAT

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    He's 51 dumbass news reporters. And yes, what he did was awful. I just hope his family will be ok this holiday season because now they have to live with that.
  4. brit

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    Mr.barany was one of my favorite teachers he tought me german and I learned alot. If Mr.barany comes back to badger im not entering the classroom. He scared me. I can't believe Him.
  5. Nathalir

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    Mr Barany taught me a lot of french and I thank him for that. I knew something was up from the beginning but I didn't expect it to go that far. It was a shock but everyone knew it was coming. I wish he didn't do that to anyone and his family must not be happy. Please know this when I say it mr barany was a great teacher and he made learning fun... I am sorry all this happened but what can we do. I am happy to say we have a new teacher and she will be just as good, so it's his problem now:(
  6. Hayden

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    Mr. Barany was my French teacher. I can't believe he would do that to such a young age, but now i understand why he put his phone number on our report cards!!!!
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    I had mr. Barany for french back when i was in 7th and 8th grade. He was favorite teacher in 7th grade but then 8th grade we all knew something was up. He always wanted to read the girls shirts making it obvious right where he was staring. He was very much a creep and it honestly doesnt suprise me at all that this has happened. Im glad theve found out about him and that someone did call him in. We will see if anyone else has been hurt by him. I hope not but you never know. I hope hes no longer a teacher in the west bend school district because he was teaching not only badger but silverbrook and started teaching at the high school.
  8. Bre.

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    I had Mr. Barany just this year. Almost everyone thought he was a little creepy, but all in, he was Ok. What he did was wrong, especially at the age the girl was at. I mean, seriously. If he was to ever come back, (i know it wont happen but) I would N E V E R walk in that classroom anymore. I would change classes. I mean, we learn a lot more now, than we used to. So... Yeah.
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    Ok, so he did this repeatedly to one child over a two month period. Does not sound like he is a first time offender to me. How many others are there? I bet more come forward in the near future. As for him returning to the school system, not to worry. Once convicted, he will not have unsupervised contact with any persons under the age of 18 years old. What a dumb A$$. I sure hope the inmates in the prison system take care of him.
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    Yeah I know its just unbielievable i thought he was better then this.
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    Are you kidding me if he can so that to someone that young he is a (expletive deleted)
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    are u serious, what teacher doesnt do that
    honestly, :0
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    Everyone can make mistakes. Sure what he did was wrong but he was one of my teachers. Forget about it and watch the language.
  15. Mic

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    Mr. Barany was a good teacher! He was on of my favorites as well!
    From the start of 6th grade people made jokes bout him like he rapes little girls
    in closets... I would laugh cause we new something was up he would tell the girls to
    stand up to show what we were wearing for the home volleyball game in 7th grade!
    When I moved my friend told me what had happen and I wasn't surprised at all
    I laughed cause I couldn't believe it! But now he has to deal with this and regret everything
    and his family could hate him or dislike him for this mistake and it was a bad one to make!!!
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  17. Cathy B

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    How in GOD's name can you (Lucas) say just forget about it? Are you kidding me? Is that 7yr old little girl going to just forget about it? This will haunt her the rest of her life!! Yes we all make mistakes, but this is far more than just a mistake. I hope he burns in hell. Hopefully he'll get his while he's incarcerated!!!!
  18. Cathy B

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    My daughter started Badger this year and was in Mr. Barany French class. After a couple days of class with him she came home and told me she felt very uncomfortable around him, I thought maybe she just didn't like him as a teacher and I didn't make much of it... What the fool I was. They say children and animals have the best instincts. I think I'll take it a little more serious next time.....
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    Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Cedarburg man guilty in sexual assault of child (May 10 2012)

    A 51-year-old Cedarburg man pleaded guilty Thursday in Ozaukee County Circuit Court to felony repeated sexual assault of a child. The victim was a 7-year-old girl at the time the assaults occurred in Cedarburg in 1998, according to a criminal complaint. Thomas M. Barany, a former teacher at Badger Middle School in the West Bend School District, was arrested in December. He admitted to Cedarburg Police Department investigators that he touched the girl's vagina on more than one occasion.