These teachers got accused of having sexual relationships with students. It started on social...

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    These teachers got accused of having sexual relationships with students. It started on social media. (chapter 1)

    A friend request. A photo like. They are everyday occurrences in today’s world when it comes to social media. But 10Investigates found some teachers are using social media to take advantage of students. Since 2016, at least six Tampa Bay area teachers were arrested and accused of inappropriate contact with students. One Polk County teacher admitted to having sex with a student. Another former middle school teacher in Pinellas County was arrested for having four separate sexual encounters with his victim. A former private school official was accused of trying to entice a minor for sex -- again. A teacher ...

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    School district social media policies (chapter 2)

    "All electronic communication with students for educational issues should be done using District-assigned electronic or digital communication." Hernando County: "The District recognizes that employees may use social media for personal, as well as professional reasons. The District neither encourages nor discourages employees’ use of social media for personal purposes. The District regulates employees’ use of social media for purposes related to their District assignment to the same extent as it regulates any other form of employee communication in that regard." "Staff members (including District-approved volunteers) must obtain parental consent for students to participate in the use of social media platforms/sites ...

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