Tajreed E. Rich Sr., Robbinsdale, Minnesota (arrested June 2013)

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    Tajreed E. Rich Sr. (27xx Knox Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota), 41, hall monitor & football coach at Robbinsdale Cooper High School, Robbinsdale School District, Robbinsdale, Minnesota, "charged ... with sexually assaulting a 17-year-old student"

    Previously worked at:
    Star Tribune: Robbinsdale Cooper staffer charged with sexually assaulting student: According to charges, the girl’s father walked in on the man and his daughter naked in her bedroom (June 11 2013)

    According to the criminal complaint, the girl’s father arrived home unexpectedly about 3 p.m. Friday and heard sounds from his daughter’s bedroom. He opened the door and saw his daughter naked on the bed and Rich also naked and standing over her.The father said he knew Rich and recognized him as being from the high school. The girl told officers that it was the second time that she and Rich had had intercourse in recent weeks. She also said he had counseled her about relationships with boys. Rich acknowledged to police the two sexual encounters with the girl, the having taken place at his home in the 2700 block of Knox Avenue N. He also described the girl “as a ‘vulnerable student’ and stated that he knew better than to have a sexual relationship with a student,” the complaint read. Clasen said the girl was in [a] special-education program at Cooper.

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    City Pages: Robbinsdale Cooper hall monitor busted having sex with student when her dad walked in (June 11 2013)

    Tajreed Rich, a 41-year-old hall monitor, member of the football coaching staff, and student counselor at Robbinsdale Cooper High School, faces a third-degree sexual assault charge after he was busted having sex with a 17-year-old student last Friday. According to the charging document, the victim's father unexpectedly came home around 3 p.m. that day, heard noises emanating from his daughter's bedroom, and headed upstairs to check it out. He found her bedroom door ajar. Inside, his daughter was naked on her bed and Rich was standing over her, also naked. They had just finished having sex.
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    KARE 11: School employee charged with having sex with student (June 11 2013)

    Police were called to a home in Robbinsdale on Friday, June 7, by the father of the alleged victim. He told officers he returned home unexpectedly around 3 p.m. that day, heard noise from his daughter's bedroom and went upstairs to check. The man said the door was open, his daughter was laying naked on her bed and 41-year-old Tajreed Rich was standing over her. Rich was also naked. The victim's father recognized Rich from Robbinsdale Cooper High School, where he worked in the attendance office, as a hall monitor and member of the football staff


    Rich agreed to talk with officers and confirmed the teen's account of their sexual encounters. He told them he had counseled her in the past about relationships with male students, considered her a vulnerable student and stated that he knew better than to have a sexual relationship with a student.
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    My Fox Twin Cities: Charges: Dad found teen, Cooper HS hall monitor in bed together (June 11 2013)

    Tajreed Rich, of Minneapolis, was charged with felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct. If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 15 years imprisonment and up to $30,000 in fines with conditional release ... According to the charges, the pair was discovered after the girl's father came home unexpectedly around 3 p.m. Friday and heard sounds from his daughter's bedroom. The room was open and he reported finding his daughter naked on the bed and Rich, also naked, standing over her. The girl confirmed she had sex with Rich on two separate occasions -- once within the past few weeks at Rich's home, and again on Friday for the second time. Rich also confirmed that information in a post-Miranda interview with officers, further admitting that he did not wear a condom.
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    New York Daily News: High school hall monitor busted in bed with student, 17, by her father: cops: A disgusted dad says he returned home early to find Tajreed Rich, 41, naked with his teen daughter in her bedroom in Minneapolis (June 12 2013)

    A Minneapolis high school hall monitor was busted in bed with a 17-year-old student — by her father. The disgusted dad returned home early Friday to find a naked Tajreed Rich, 41, standing over his disrobed daughter in her bedroom. He was fired Monday from Robbinsdale Cooper High School, where he counseled students about relationships and coached football. The teen, who has not been named, claims to have had unprotected sex with Rich on two occasions — once at her at home and once at his.
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    Inquisitr: Father Finds His 17-Year-Old Daughter In Bed With School Employee (June 12 2013)

    A high school hall monitor has been arrested after the father of a 17-year-old student caught him naked in bed with his daughter.
    Tajreed Rich, worked at Robbinsdale Cooper High School in Minneapolis, has since been charged with sexual assault, after he was found in the girl’s bedroom when her dad returned home early. The father, who has not been named, went into his daughter’s bedroom after he heard strange noises emanating from her walls. When he went in he found a nude Tajreed Rich, standing over her naked body. He recognised Rich from school, and the family then decided to call the police later in the day. Rich was fired on Monday from Robbinsdale Cooper.
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    Minnesota Public Radio: Robbinsdale school employee charges with sexually assaulting student (June 12 2013)

    A 41-year-old man faces 3rd-degree sexual assault charges after he allegedly had sex with a high school student while working for the Robbinsdale school district. Tajreed Rich Sr. was charged Tuesday and is being held in the Hennepin County Jail ... "The female victim is a student at Cooper High School and the suspect in this assault also works there as a hall monitor, and has some other side jobs as a tutor and works with the football team," [Police Capt. Jim] Franzen said.