Susan Alice Gorris, British Columbia, Canada (reprimanded March 2012) [improper email access]

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    Susan Alice Gorris (school & city not specified), British Columbia, Canada, "improperly accessed the work email account of a colleague"

    British Columbia Ministry of Education, Teacher Regulation Branch:

    Susan Alice Gorris admitted to professional misconduct and agreed that her conduct was contrary to Standard 2. In September 2009, Ms. Gorris improperly accessed the work email account of a colleague (Teacher A). By using group mailing lists, Ms. Gorris forwarded an email from Teacher B that was in Teacher A's inbox to 335 staff and teachers at three schools. The content of the email was personal, private and not intended for anyone other than Teacher A. While the email was sent by Ms. Gorris, it appeared to any recipient of the email that it had been sent by Teacher A. Teachers A and B were shocked, distressed and humiliated when they discovered that the email had been distributed publicly. On January 5, 2012, a citation was issued. On March 22, 2012, the Commissioner executed the Consent Resolution Agreement in which Ms. Gorris agreed to receive a reprimand pursuant to sections 53(6) and 64(a) of the Teachers Act. As a result, the citation was rescinded.


    Susan Alice Gorris, British Columbia, Canada