Stephen Paulsen, Arlington, Texas (arrested July 2013)

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    Stephen Paulsen, 54, principal at Morton Elementary School, Arlington ISD, Arlington, Texas, "arrested [in West Palm Beach, Florida] on suspicion of soliciting a minor for sex"

    Culture Map: Ex-Arlington ISD elementary school principal arrested for soliciting sex with 15-year-old boy (July 24 2013)

    Paulsen used the screen name “Tony Texas” to chat with the agent and send him drawings of sexual acts. Paulsen told the teen he was an "excellent teacher/mentor especially with such a sweet sexy stud like you." Florida authorities arrested Paulsen after he arrived in a white van to meet the teen.

    Since Paulsen’s arrest, a former campus technology manager at Morton has revealed that he knew child porn had been accessed on Paulsen’s school-issued iPad. The IT employee, who now works for another school in the district, told authorities that he discovered “male child/young adult porn” on Paulsen’s iPad after being asked to fix a technical issue with the device in 2012. Upon discovering the pornographic videos, the IT employee says he immediately informed the school secretary and the campus instructional facilitator, who suggested they ask Paulsen about the videos. When confronted, Paulsen pointed the finger at an unnamed disabled child. Paulsen said he loaned the iPad to “a neighbor’s kid” with “special needs” and that he must have been the one looking at male child porn.

    The IT employee said Paulsen laughed off the existence of child porn on his iPad and asked for it to be removed. The IT employee complied with Paulsen’s request. In the process of clearing the device’s cache, the IT employee says he found “20-30” pornographic websites in the browsing history.

    Stephen Paulsen, Arlington, Texas, West Palm Beach, Florida, Morton Elementary School, Arlington ISD
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    ICE: Former Texas principal arrested for sexual enticement of a minor [Press Release] (July 19 2013)

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A former Texas elementary school principal was arrested Friday for enticing a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity. The charges resulted from an investigation conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the Boynton Beach Police Department and the South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

    According to court documents, Stephen Anthony Paulsen, 54, of Fort Worth, used an online social networking application to contact and attempt to meet an individual he believed was a 15-year-old boy for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity. When he committed this crime, he was employed as an elementary school principal in Arlington. The individual he contacted was actually an undercover law enforcement officer, posing as a minor. After several sexually suggestive conversations, Paulsen attempted to meet the child who he believed was home alone in south Florida. At the time of his arrest, Paulsen was in Florida visiting family. If convicted, he could face life in prison.

    The investigation was part of Operation Predator ...
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    Sun Sentinel: Texas principal accused of soliciting "boy" for sex (July 17 2013)

    It started on Friday when a private message from the screen name "Tony Texas" popped into the inbox of a Boynton Beach detective acting as a boy younger than 16. Police said [Stephen] Paulsen told the "boy" he was in the area visiting his parents and asked how far he had gone with other guys.

    The detective, acting as the teen, replied that he was younger than 16. But that didn't seem to stop Paulsen from describing the sexually explicit things he wanted to do, according to the arrest report. The conversation grew more explicit as Paulsen sent three photos of naked men performing sex acts on each other. As the conversation continued, the topic turned to meeting up, according to the report.


    Paulsen told the boy Tuesday is a "good day" to lose his virginity and that the boy was "such sweet nectar of the gods and also jail bait." He went on to ask the boy how long he'd be home alone and where he lives.
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    Star-Telegram: Arlington principal arrested in sex crime case in Florida (July 17 2013)

    Paulsen started chatting with the police officer on July 12 — using the screen name “Tony Texas” — and their conversation continued for several days, according to the arrest warrant. He thought the officer was barely 16. In their online chat, Paulsen made sexually explicit comments about sexual acts and also sent the detective photos of two naked men who appeared to be engaged in a sex act, according to the affidavit. On the fourth day of their chat, Paulsen reportedly said it was a “Good day to lose your virginity.”
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    WPTV: Stephen Paulsen, Texas school principal arrested on sex solicitation charges: The district he works for accepted his resignation (July 17 2013)

    Police say Paulsen was in Boynton Beach visiting his parents when he got on a social networking site and started talking to a police officer he thought was a boy less than sixteen-years-old. According to a police report, he said he wanted to teach him about hot passionate man love and police say he even sent nude pictures. Police say Paulsen arranged a meeting with the person he thought was a boy Wednesday on Old Boynton Road and that's when they arrested him. According to a probable cause affidavit, he told police he made a mistake and that his wife was going to kill him. He remains behind bars.
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    WFAA: Arlington parents alarmed after principal's arrest on child sex charges (July 17 2013)

    Paulsen allegedly began chatting with the undercover officer on July 12. The officer — who was posing as a boy under 16 years old — said in the probable cause affidavit he received a private message from the screen name "Tony Texas." The suspect asked the officer what he was looking for and what he liked to do with guys, and said he "liked newbies so anxious to explore it all." According to the document, Paulsen told the undercover officer he was from Texas and visiting his parents, including his father with Alzheimer's, in Florida. The suspect told the officer he could get in trouble because he was over 21 and the boy was under 17, and asked when the undercover officer's next birthday would be. The affidavit details multiple pornographic images of other men Paulsen allegedly sent the officer over the course of the next several days, and well as many extremely sexually-explicit messages. On Tuesday, "Tony Texas" told the undercover officer it was a "good day to lose your virginity" before asking how long he would be home alone.
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    WPBF: Stephen Paulsen: Former principal due in federal court Tuesday (July 23 2103)

    Police said Paulsen was recently in Boynton Beach visiting his parents when he tried to strike up an online conversation with who he thought was a teenage boy. Police said Paulsen was actually speaking with an undercover officer. Officers arrested Paulsen when he tried meeting up with the boy and allegedly had two condoms in his pocket. Paulsen is locked up at the Palm Beach County Jail without bond.
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    Dallas Morning News: Updated: Arlington principal arrested in Florida on child sex charges, including traveling to meet a minor to commit an unlawful sex act (July 23 2013)

    A campus technology manager said in a statement to Arlington ISD officials and investigators that Paulsen had child porn on his iPad a year before his arrest. The technology manager said in the statement, which was filed in U.S. District Court in southern Florida, that he unlocked Paulsen’s iPad in early 2012 to fix a technical issue when sexually explicit websites popped up on the screen. The employee said he went to others with the tablet computer, but a fellow employee encouraged him to talk to Paulsen first. Paulsen denied surfing the websites and said he had loaned his iPad to a neighbor’s child, the technology manager said. The employee said he believed Paulsen was telling the truth.