Guilty! Stephanie Ringwald, Dickson, Oklahoma (arrested Oct 2013) [sex & alcohol w/ minors]

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    Crime, corruption and nepotism in a small-town school district ...

    Stephanie Ringwald, 31, English teacher and cheerleading coach at Dickson Middle School, Dickson Public Schools, Dickson, Oklahoma, "charged with sex crimes and supplying alcohol to minors in Murray, Carter, and Love counties"

    Note that this alleged sexual assault came more than a year after she was originally arrested on sex and alcohol charges involving minors in three counties; the background info will be provided in successive posts:

    Former Dickson Teacher Faces Sexual Battery Charge

    A former Dickson teacher charged with having sex with former students and providing minors with alcohol is behind bars again. Stephanie Ringwald, 31, faces a sexual battery charge in Murray County for allegedly forcing a 16-year-old Braum's coworker to have sex with her. According to an affidavit, at about 2 a.m. on August 5, Ringwald picked up the victim after work and drove him to her house in Sulphur, Oklahoma. She then told the victim that she wanted to have sex. Ringwald performed sex acts on the victim, even though he told her that he didn't want to, according to ...

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    Former Dickson Teacher Faces Sexual Battery Charge

    A former Dickson teacher charged with having sex with former students and providing minors with alcohol is behind bars again. Stephanie Ringwald, 31, faces a sexual battery charge in Murray County for allegedly forcing a 16-year-old Braum's coworker to ...

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    Stephanie Ringwald, Dickson Middle School, Dickson Public Schools, Dickson, Oklahoma
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    Former teacher faces alcohol, sex complaints

    4 Sept 2013

    A former Dickson schoolteacher is the subject of an investigation by two southern Oklahoma sheriff's departments on complaints of providing alcohol to students and sexual misconduct involving students. The Daily Ardmoreite reports that Stephenie Ringwald resigned last month after an alleged incident in a classroom.
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    Teacher of the Year, Administrator of the Year (not) and very little news coverage

    2 Oct 2013

    Stephenie Ringwald was an English teacher and High School Cheer coach at Dickson school in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Several months ago, it came to the attention of a concerned parent that Ms. Ringwald was providing alcohol to her daughter and others, who were students of Ms. Ringwald's at the time. This parent brought this information to the Superintendent, Sherry Howe. As it turns out, Ms. Ringwald is the daughter of Ms. Howe, who told the concerned parent that she would look into, but please not to mention it to others. A couple of months pass and nothing is done regarding these allegations.

    The parent was not pleased with this response so soon after her meeting with Ms. Howe, she began talking to other parents, her daughter, her daughters, friends, and basically investigating the matter on her own. Because of this parent's questioning, the cheerleaders became divided. At school one day, some of the high school cheerleaders got into a fight with each other. This fight landed the girls in the high school counselors office. During their meeting with the counselor, the girls spill all. They tell the counselor that Ms. Ringwald is providing alcohol to some of her students, she brought alcohol along to share with her cheerleaders while at cheer camp over the summer, and she was hosting drinking parties at her home for her cheerleaders, the football team, and their friends. And, the coup de grace, had been having sexual relationships with several of the high school boys. Apparently there is physical proof of this. The counselor, pursuant to state law, contacts the local police to make a formal report. Soon after that report was made, Ms. Howe began threatening to fire the counselor because she did not follow "proper school procedure" by notifying the Superintendent prior to making the police report.

    The police are currently involved in a criminal investigation of the allegations against Ms. Ringwald. She resigned as teacher soon after the allegations surfaced, however there have been allegations made that she was still working at the school in an administrative position in the principals office for a few weeks after that resignation. Last night, the school board accepted the resignation of Ms. Howe as Superintendent.

    Considering the scope of this crime, I cannot help but wonder not only why the local news coverage has been minimal, but why this has not been picked up by any national news sources. Have we degraded as a society where we care more about Kardashian baby clothes than what kind of creeps are put into a position of power over our children?
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    Complaints lodged against former Dickson teacher

    4 Oct 2013

    The Carter County and Murray County Sheriff's Departments have begun a dual criminal investigation into allegations of misconduct regarding a former teacher at Dickson Public Schools. Carter County Sheriff Ken Grace said the department began receiving complaints Thursday that former teacher Stephenie Ringwald provided alcohol to students. He said the department is also investigating rumors of sexual misconduct that allegedly took place between Ringwald and students.


    Deputy Donny Raley said the original complaints were regarding the allegations of providing alcohol and the allegations of sexual misconduct have come to light through the course of the investigation ... Grace also said the Murray County Sheriff's Department is conducting its own investigation as Ringwald lives within that county.

    Ringwald's resigned from her position as middle school English teacher and cheerleading coach in a written statement Aug. 20 ... In an interview with The Ardmoreite Friday morning, Ringwald said she resigned because of an incident in the classroom. In an effort to protect students' right to privacy, there was no elaboration. Ringwald was asked if she was aware if any complaints by parents had been made about her. She said anyone in education receives complaints."It goes with the job," she said. When asked if she was aware of any complaints to the school by parents regarding her providing alcohol to students, she said no.

    Superintendent Sherry Howe, who is also Ringwald's mother, addressed rumors circulating within the community. "The rumors are inaccurate," she said. "I don't know what you are hearing, but they are inaccurate." Howe was asked specifically about the rumor regarding Ringwald providing alcohol to students. Howe said those complaints would have gone to principal Rex Trent, who was Ringwald's principal and conducted Ringwald's evaluations. "If anyone provided alcohol to a student, it would not be tolerated," Howe said. "It's a complete lie."

    [Note that Sherry Howe's denial contradicts what had been posted on the Bubblews blog two days earlier.]
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    Rape charges filed against former Dickson teacher

    16 Oct 2013

    Carter County District Attorney Craig Ladd says child sex abuse charges have been filed against former Dickson cheer coach and teacher Stephenie Ringwald. Those include two counts of second degree rape and two other sex crime charges. This 18 year old boy, whose identity we're protecting, says he met Ringwald when he was a student at Dickson high school, but was not a student when his relationship with her started. "We started hanging out after I got out... And then we started... We had sex... And that went on for a little while..."


    The Carter County Sheriff's Office says they first received complaints of Ringwald's alleged sexual misconduct and providing alcohol to students, from students and parents August 29th. The investigation spans from early June to the start of school.
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    Ringwald hit with 4 felony charges

    16 Oct 2013

    Charges of rape and sodomy were filed Tuesday in Murray County District Court against a former, long-time Dickson teacher, and District Attorney Craig Ladd said cases against the 30-year-old woman remain under investigation in Carter and Love counties. Ladd said he filed a total of four felony counts against Stephenie Nicole Ringwald.


    The charges allege Ringwald, while working as a teacher at Dickson Public Schools, committed all of the acts against a 17-year-old student at her Sulphur residence. The charges accuse Ringwald of "unlawfully, willfully, knowingly and feloniously" committing the crimes in June or July. Court documents list more than 20 witnesses for the state in the case against the former teacher. If convicted, she faces 1 to 15 years in a state penitentiary per rape charge, and up to 20 years in prison on each of the sodomy charges.

    Meanwhile investigations targeting Ringwald continue in Carter and Love counties. The district attorney said those investigations revolve around allegations the teacher furnished alcohol to minors.
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    Preliminary Hearing scheduled for Stephanie Ringwald

    15 Jan 2014

    A former Dickson school teacher accused of having sex with students appeared in court Tuesday morning. Stephanie Ringwald has been charged with sex crimes and supplying alcohol to minors in Murray, Carter, and Love counties. Tuesday morning dates were set for preliminary hearings in each county. Ringwald is charged with two counts of second degree rape and six counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor, which took place in those three different counties .. Ringwald is also accused of having sex with and providing alcohol to Dickson students.
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    ARDMORE, Okla. -- Former Dickson teacher Stephanie Ringwald pleaded guilty Monday to sex crimes in a plea arrangement.
    Carter County District Attorney Craig Ladd said Ringwald pleaded guilty on two of the charges, and two of the charges were dismissed. Ladd said that she will have four felony convictions.
    She was being charged with two felony charges of second-degree rape, and two felony charges of forcible sodomy against two high-school age boys. The charges filed in Murray County after a teen coworker at a Sulphur fast-food restaurant claimed Ringwald forced him to have sex with her were dismissed.
    In the plea agreement, Ringwald was sentenced to 10 years. She will be incarcerated for one year, and on probation for 9 years. Ringwald will also have to register as a sex offender.

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    Thanks for the update!