Site Upgrade on Good Friday March 18-19

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  1. TMP

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    I plan to upgrade the site software Friday night / Saturday morning, starting about 11 p.m. on the west coast / 2 a.m. on the east coast.

    The new versions will constains some productivity improvements that will speed up my posting, and much better spam controls than the old version (which actually had none -- all of our current anti-spam measures rely on free add-ons developed by the XenForo user community).

    Major new features include:

    1. New editor

    2. Quick editing will work again in FireFox

    3. Registration via your Twitter & Google logins (won't be available until I'm able to configure them). The only API currently allowed is Facebook

    4. Key anti-spam improvements
    • Country blocker removed: Russia, Ukraine, China, India will be able to access this site
    • All user content will be spam-checked by Akismet
    • Key Captcha (that jigsaw puzzle that a lot of people have trouble with) will be replaced by a sliding-bar captcha -- much easier for humans but still effective at blocking spammers
    What spam, you say? Since I last cleaned out the spam logs on June 9 of last year, 184,000 registration attempts matching known spammers have been blocked. It gets really ugly in a forum when that slime finds its way in and starts posting rubbish everywhere.
  2. H.T.

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    Testing the sliding-bar CapTcha :)
  3. H.T.

    H.T. Guest

    Testing change to auto-reject Akismet spam matches.