Simone M. Paolercio, Lakeland, Florida (arrested Dec 2011) [throwing hash browns at Macs]

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    Lakeland, Florida, and Polk County teachers with "issues":​
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    Name: Simone M. Paolercio, 5723 Scott Lake Rd., Lakeland, Florida

    Age: 39

    School: Lakeland Highlands Middle School, Lakeland, Florida

    Position: 6th-grade Geography teacher


    Class website:

    paolercio simone switchboard.jpg

    Central Florida News 13 (18 Dec 2011): Lakeland teacher arrested after ‘chucking’ hashbrowns at McDonald’s worker

    My Fox Tampa Bay (18 Dec 2011): Polk teacher arrested after throwing food at restaurant employees

    Tampa Tribune (18 Dec 2011): Polk teacher tosses food at worker, faces charge

    The Ledger (18 Dec 2011): Deputies: Thrown Hash Browns Lead to Teacher's Arrest

    Sun-Sentinel (18 Dec 2011): Drive-through dispute: Airborne hash brown lands teacher in jail

    ABC Action News (18 Dec 2011): Argument over fast food order lands Polk teacher in jail

    WTSP (19 Dec 2011): VIDEO: Lakeland teacher Simone Paolercio arrested for battery on McDonald's employee

    Miami Herald (19 Dec 2011): Potatoes, pancakes tossed through drive-through window

    Huffington Post (19 Dec 2011): Simone Paolercio, Florida Teacher, Jailed After Throwing Fast Food At McDonald's Employee (VIDEO)

    UK Daily Mail (19 Dec 2011): Not lovin' it: Teacher 'threw $20 of McDonald's breakfast back at drive-thru staff following hash brown dispute'

    The Smoking Gun (19 Dec 2011): Hash Browns Rage! Teacher Arrested For Pelting McDonald’s Worker With Food At Drive-Thru Window

    Broward Palm Beach Pulp (19 Dec 2011): Middle School Teacher Charged With Battery After Allegedly Hurling Hash Browns

    Frames from security video (courtesy WTSP):

    paolercio simone security video 1.jpg paolercio simone security video 2.jpg paolercio simone security video 3.jpg paolercio simone security video 4.jpg paolercio simone security video 5.jpg