Sicalo Hlophe, Mbabane, Swaziland (arrested again Oct 2014) [murder, carjacking]

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    Sicalo Hlophe, former sports teacher at Sifundzani Primary School, Mbabane, Swaziland, "currently out on bail for murder, allegedly stole a Toyota LDV that had sound equipment at the Zakhele Remand centre at gunpoint"


    Hlophe is alleged to have waylaid the two deejays outside Mario’s Pub N Grill as they were parked waiting for Mamba who was in the eatery. Hlophe is said to have spun a heartfelt story on how he needed to rush back home at Zakhele as he had received reports that his child was ill and needed his attention.

    “The men took pity on him as he also told them he had come for a night of fun at the club because he enjoyed music and had just received the bad news,” the source revealed. It is said when the vehicle was near the Zakhele remand centre Hlophe first pretended he needed to get out of the car as he had reached his destination. While he pretended to be alighting from the vehicle, he allegedly drew a gun and roughly told the two good Samaritans to get out of the vehicle before he sped off, leaving them stranded at the remand centre. Hlophe is alleged to have proceeded to his home at Hluthi where he parked the stolen motor vehicle.

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    Sicalo Hlophe, Sifundzani Primary School, Mbabane, Swaziland
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