Shannon J. Woodson, Winchester, Indiana (arrested Jul 2011)

Discussion in 'Cougars' started by TMP, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Name: Shannon J. Woodson

    Age: 36

    School: Greater Randolph Interlocal Cooperative

    Position: Teacher

    Victim: Boy, 17

    WISH TV (27 July 2011): Teacher accused of sex with student

    Indy Channel (27 July 2011): Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Student: 36-Year-Old Woman Arrested

    WTHR (27 July 2011): Teacher faces child seduction charge

    UK Daily Mail (28 July 2011): Teacher charged with child seduction after 'having sex with student, 17, and giving him drugs'

  2. Steve1111

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    I have know this person for years and seriously this makes me so sick. I feel like I never knew her. I feel sorry for her entire family. And I cannot believe she might get off because her contract was expired in at the time of the "encounters." She should go to jail. I have no sympathy for her at all.
  3. Disgusted

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    I have also known this person for years, and I know her entire family very well. I am absolutely disgusted and I also feel like I never knew her. She should go to jail. Contract or not, this was a student, and she suppliied him with drugs. She should be responsible for her actions, and show her own children that actions have consequences.

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