Scott Quisenberry, Louisville, Kentucky (arrested Aug 2013)

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    Scott Quisenberry, Louisville, Kentucky, Kerrick Elementary School, Jefferson County Public Schools, Bullitt Lick Middle School, Bullitt County Public Schools, Shepherdsville
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    WLKY: Local teacher arrested on rape charges -- Officials: Offenses involved teen girl (Aug 18 2013)

    [Scott Quisenberry] taught at Bullitt Lick Middle School between 2005 and 2011. In 2010, he came under the microscope. "Some of the staff at Bullitt Lick Middle School did bring to the attention of the central office their concerns about a relationship between him and a young lady who had been a former student," said Bullitt County Public Schools attorney Eric Farris. It isn't clear if that case is the same one that has him under scrutiny now.
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    Courier-Journal: Former Bullitt and now JCPS teacher arrested on rape charges (Aug 18 2013)

    An indictment by a Jefferson County grand jury alleges that [Scott] Quisenberry had sexual intercourse with a minor from 2009, when the minor was younger than 14, through 2012. The minor was between 13 and 15 years old during that time, according to the Jefferson County commonwealth’s attorney’s office. The alleged victim was a student where Quisenberry was employed as a teacher, said Leland Hulbert, spokesman for the commonwealth attorney’s office.
    Bullitt school district attorney Eric Farris said Sunday night that in 2010, Quisenberry was the subject of an investigation based on concerns raised by school staffers about the time he was spending with a student on school grounds, including visits after the student moved on to high school. Farris could not confirm if that student was the one cited in the indictment. A Bullitt central office investigation “couldn’t substantiate any problems,” Farris said. In addition, the student’s mother wasn’t concerned about the friendship, he said. It was never reported to police because there was no evidence of a crime, he said.
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    WHAS 11: JCPS teacher arrested, accused of raping student (Aug 18 2013)

    According to court documents, the alleged incidents with the minor took place up until March 2012. An investigation was launched against [Scott] Quisenberry back in 2010 when he worked as a science teacher at Bullitt Lick Middle School. Two staff members came forward expressing concerns. Bullitt County Schools Attorney Eric Farris said Quisenberry and the student would have lunches together and would be seen together on field trips. The student’s mother was also a teacher at the middle school. Farris said no disciplinary action was ever taken because the child’s mother wasn’t concerned. Quisenberry eventually voluntarily resigned for an unrelated reason in 2011.
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    WDRB: JCPS teacher accused of raping former student (Aug 18 2013)

    Before resigning in the summer of 2011, district officials say [Scott] Quisenberry faced allegations of a possibly inappropriate relationship with child. "Staff at Bullitt Lick Middle School thought that perhaps he was spending a little too much time with a particular student and it should be pointed out,' said Farris. Farris says the girl's mother also worked at the school, as did Quisenberry's wife. When district personnel called them in to address concerns, all parties involved said it was an innocent and healthy friendship. "The mother of the student was aware of their friendship, had no problems with, and didn't see any problems with it from her stand point." Farris says they can't assume the charges brought forward over the weekend are connected to the allegations made at Bullitt Lick, however, a look at the indictment shows the alleged rape occurred during the time period that the school investigated him.