Sarah Ramoth, Harrogate, Yorkshire, United Kingdom (arrested Dec 2012) [DUI]

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    Sarah Ramoth, 41, chemistry teacher at Harrogate Ladies' College, Harrogate, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, in court for driving under the influence

    UK Daily Mail: Boarding school teacher three times the drink-drive limit claimed she had just two glasses of mulled wine... without realising it had spirits in it (Dec 13 2012)
    • Sarah Ramoth, 41, also blamed failed breath test on accidentally swallowing mouthwash
    • The head of chemistry is now having a report compiled on her claims
    A breathalyser test at the police station gave a reading of 96mcgs of alcohol per 100mls of breath, where the legal limit is 35. Magistrates adjourned the case until February next year.

    Sarah Ramoth, Harrogate, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Harrogate Ladies' College
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    Yorkshire Post: Teacher drove while three times over limit on mulled wine (Dec 13 2012)

    A boarding school teacher has admitted being almost three times the drink-drive limit but told a court she didn’t realise the mulled wine she was drinking contained spirits. Sarah Ramoth, 41, of Wakefield, head of chemistry at the independent day and boarding school Harrogate Ladies’ College, also told the court she had “ingested” mouthwash which could have affected her breath test ... “She now understands it also contained other alcoholic substances by way of spirits ..."
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    How does any of this change the simple fact that she was driving under the influence? Whatever happened to personal responsiblity?

    Yorkshire Evening Post: Teacher blames mulled wine for drink-driving (Dec 14 2012)

    When pressed by magistrates for more detail, Mr Campbell added: “She had drunk alcohol, less than two glasses of mulled wine. “Plainly the reading given later on the fact of it appears inconsistent with that. “It is understood, in fact, that what she drank was a mulled drink that she thought was red wine. She now understands it also contained other alcoholic substances by way of spirits. “The other issue subject to medical reports or an expert report is that this defendant had not only used mouthwash to clear her mouth but had accidentally swallowed some. “Therefore we will ask for an investigation into the effect that may have had on the reading that she subsequently gave.”