Guilty! Samuel Jacob Fies, Highland, Indiana (arrested Dec 2011) [sex w/ 3 female students]

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    Samuel Jacob Fies (St. John, Indiana), 35, teacher at Highland High School, School Town of Highland, Highland, Indiana, sex w/ 3 female students


    Trial date set for former Highland teacher accused of sexual misconduct

    A former Highland High School teacher and coach charged in late 2011 with six felony counts of inappropriate relationships with three students goes on trial Feb. 16, if a plea agreement can’t be hammered out. Samuel Jacob Fies, 35, of St John, appeared in Lake Criminal Court with his defense attorneys Friday before Judge Samuel Cappas. Although Deputy Prosecuting Attorney J. Michael Woods said a plea agreement has been offered to Fies by the state, defense attorney Aaron Koonce said, “There hasn’t been meeting of the minds” on that agreement. Koonce told Cappas the plea agreement may need to go ...

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    Samuel Jacob Fies, St. John, Indiana, Highland High School, School Town of Highland, Highland, Highland Middle School
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    Former Highland teacher's trial scheduled

    A former Highland public school teacher charged with sexual misconduct with a minor, child molesting, criminal confinement, child solicitation and attempted child seduction involving three alleged victims has a jury trial scheduled to begin Aug. 5. Samuel J. Fies, 37, of St. John, who was charged in December 2011, has had one prior jury trial setting in February 2015, but the trial was postponed at the request of his defense team without objection from the deputy prosecutor. Lake Superior Court Judge Samuel Cappas said Tuesday he wanted the case back on the trial calendar. Fies has pleaded not guilty to ...

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    Judge recuses himself from former teacher's sentencing

    A sentencing hearing for a former Highland teacher was postponed Tuesday after the judge disqualified himself because of a potential conflict of interest. Samuel J. Fies was in court and had conferred with defense attorney Aaron Koonce in a small conference room in the back of the courtroom when Lake Superior Court Judge Samuel Cappas announced his decision. "It's come to my attention there might be a possible conflict in my hearing the case. I'm going to recuse myself and transfer it out," Cappas said. Cappas said the case would likely be transferred to the courtroom of Judge Salvador Vasquez. ...

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    Woman sexually harassed by Highland teacher loses suit against school district

    A woman cannot collect damages from the School Town of Highland for employing a teacher who sexually harassed her a decade ago. U.S. District Court Judge Theresa L. Springmann dismissed personal injury claims against the school district late last week by a former student, identified in court papers only as K.B. “We are very pleased with the ruling. We thought from the beginning Highland did everything it was supposed to do," said Tara K. Tauber, a Schererville attorney representing the school district. Court documents describe K.B., as a 27-year-old woman who has had mental development issues since kindergarten and who ...

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