Guilty! Roseanna May Langley, Exeter, United Kingdom (arrested Spring 2013) [sex with school boy]

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    Roseanna May Langley (Willow Walk, St James, Exeter, United Kingdom), 24, teacher at St. James School, Exeter City Council, Exeter, United Kingdom, "sexually touching a boy under the age of 18"

    Exeter Press & Echo: Staff member at Exeter school admits sexually touching boy (June 19 2013)

    During an appearance before Exeter magistrates, [Roseanna May Langley] accepted that being a person aged 18 or over in a position of trust and not believing the victim was aged 18 or over, on two occasions she intentionally touched a boy and the touching was sexual. Magistrates committed her to Exeter Crown Court where she will be sentenced on July 4.

    Roseanna May Langley, Exeter, United Kingdom, Willow Walk, St James, St. James School, Exeter City Council
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    UK Express: Female teacher faces jail for sexual abuse of male student, 16 (June 21 2013)

    [Roseanna May Langley] has been suspended from St James secondary school in Exeter, Devon and will be sentenced at Exeter Crown Court on July 4 after magistrates decided they did not have sufficient powers to punish her. Langley pleaded guilty to two charges under the Sexual Offences Act when she appeared at Exeter magistrates court.
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    This is Cornwall: Teacher, 24, admits affair with pupil (June 21 2013)

    A female secondary school teacher has admitted having sexual activity with one of her pupils. Roseanna Langley, 24, intentionally touched a boy sexually at St James School in Exeter, Devon. Langley admitted two counts of sexual touching at Exeter Magistrates' Court and accepted she knew the pupil was under 18 at the time of the two incidents.
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    UK Daily Mail: Revealed: The 1500 dirty text messages sent by teacher, 24, to pupil, 16, she had six-week affair with and whose name she tattooed on her body (July 10 2013)
    • Roseanna Langley had a six-week-long affair with the 16-year-old pupil
    • She bombarded teenager with explicit texts and naked pictures of herself
    • She was today spared jail at Exeter Crown Court after her eight month sentence was suspended for two years
    • But the teacher was spotted with the teenager as recently as two days ago
    • Judge told her she will never be allowed to work with children again
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    Exeter Express & Echo: Exeter teacher who sent boy explicit photos of herself escapes jail (July 10 2013)

    Exeter Crown Court was told Roseanna May Langley, 24, who was a science teacher at St James’ School, lied about the pregnancy to emotionally blackmail the boy. Langley, of Willow Walk, St James, also sent him hundreds of text messages and has been dismissed from her position. She pleaded guilty to two charges of being a person aged 18 or over in a position of trust and, not believing the victim was aged 18 or over, she intentionally touched a boy and the touching was sexual.
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    BBC: Exeter teacher Roseanna Langley sentenced over sex with boy (July 11 2013)

    Roseanna Langley, 24, a teacher at St James High School in Exeter, sent naked pictures of herself to seduce the 16-year-old boy, a court heard. Langley of Willow Way, Exeter, admitted two offences of sexual activity with a male aged 13 to 17. She received an eight month suspended sentence at Exeter Crown Court. The court heard Langley was caught when rumours "swept through the school" where she worked and "torrid texts" showed she started a six-week relationship shortly after the boy turned 16, earlier this year. When the boy tried to end the relationship she claimed to have miscarried his child in an attempt to exert emotional blackmail over him, the court was told.
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    UK Mirror: Roseanna Langley: Teacher who sent 1,500 sex texts to teenage pupil in six weeks avoids jail (July 11 2013)

    But officers found 1,500 sex texts from [Roseanna May] Langley on the boy’s mobile and CCTV images showed the couple holding hands in a London hotel where they shared a double bed during a weekend away ... Other messages talked about setting up home with the boy and one referred to his private parts. Images sent to the boy’s phone showed a woman using a sex toy ... Langley, from Exeter, sobbed yesterday as she was given an eight-month suspended jail sentence and 150 hours’ community work, having admitted sexual activity with a male, aged 13 to 17, while in a position of trust. She was also ordered to attend a sex offenders’ course and banned indefinitely from working with children.
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    9 MSN (AU): Teacher escapes jail after sending boy 1500 sex texts (July 11 2013)

    MSN NZ: UK teacher escapes jail after sending boy 1500 sex texts (July 12 2013)

    Roseanna Langley, 24, sent a 16-year-old boy naked photos of herself and shared a double-bed with him at a London hotel during a weekend away, the Mirror reported. Yesterday, Ms Langley received a suspended eight-month jail sentence and was banned from working with kids forever. An English court heard that when the boy tried to break up with Ms Langley, whose fiancé had recently dumped her, she claimed she had miscarried the teen's child.

    After rumours about the affair spread through the school, the principal called police. The couple initially denied the relationship, but prosecutor Emily Pitts said police found texts from Ms Langley on the boy's phone asking to tie him up and showing photos of herself using a sex toy.

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    Parent Dish: Sex scandal teacher arrested after planning trip to Rome with boy (Mar 7 2014)

    A disgraced teacher has been arrested after she planned a holiday to Rome with a 16-year-old boy she had sex with. Roseanna Langley, 24, faces jail after she breached a court order by not giving police enough notice of her travel plans ... She was given an eight-month sentence, suspended for two years, and was told to attend a sex offenders' course. As part of her punishment, she was required to notify the court of foreign travel a week before leaving.

    Langley and the boy, with whom she is still having a relationship, went to Norway in January but only told officers afterwards. On Thursday, weeks after being cautioned, she went to her local police station to tell them about the Rome trip, due to begin on Sunday. Police arrested her and seized her passport and she spent the night in the cells. At the court in Exeter, Langley admitted breaching her notification requirements.
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    UK Daily Mail: Disgraced teacher, 24 who lost her job but escaped jail after affair with pupil, 16, now faces prison after being caught planning a holiday to Rome with him just nine months later (Mar 7 2014)
    • Roseanna Langley, 24, had sex with the boy, now 17, while a teacher
    • She admitted sex offences last year and was given a suspended jail term
    • Term included requirement to tell police seven days before leaving country
    • But she failed to do so twice - first with a holiday to Norway, and now Rome
    • She appeared at Exeter Magistrates' Court today and admitted the breach
    • Earlier hearings heard how she sent pupil explicit texts and naked pictures
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    UK Express: Teacher who had sex with male pupil faces jail after planning romantic Rome trip (Mar 8 2014)

    Roseanna Langley, 24, was arrested and her passport seized for breaching a court order. She admitted sex offences last year and got a suspended jail term including conditions to give police notice of her travel plans. Exeter magistrates yesterday were told she was organising the Italian trip with the boy, now aged 17, before he joins the Army. The court heard that the pair also visited Norway in January – and she only told police on their return.
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    Western Morning News: Disgraced teacher facing jail after planning romantic holiday with pupil (Mar 8 2014)

    But yesterday the sacked science teacher was led up from police cells in handcuffs. Exeter magistrates court heard she was planning to fly off to Rome with the same lad, now aged 17, for a romantic break before he joins the Army. And the court heard that she also went to Norway in January with him – and only told the police after they came home. The magistrates were told that part of Langley’s court orders meant she has to tell the police about going on any foreign holidays at least seven days before going.

    She was cautioned by police in January when she only told them after the trip to Norway and warned very clearly not to do it again. But on Thursday the tearful blonde went to her local police station and said they were going to Rome on Sunday for three days. Police arrested her and seized her passport and she spent the night in the cells. Langley, aged 24, of Monks Road, Exeter, admitted breaching her notification requirements under the sex offenders register.
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