Remove Kathy Amos from the Superintendent Position of Yancey County Schools

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    Looks like more of a personal vendetta to me ....


    Remove Kathy Amos from the Superintendent Position of Yancey County Schools

    I am starting this petition with grave concern for our children in the school systems of Yancey County.

    Beginning in 2004 Kathy Amos, the future superintendent of Yancey County Schools, gained knowledge from a parent of a Burke County Elementary School student that Michael Andrew Alexander, a teacher within the Burke County School Systems was alleged to have sexually assaulted and was in possession of sexually explicit photos of the student.

    The parent immediately went to Kathy Amos, the executive head of the school, and express her concerns regarding the inappropriate conduct and at that time demanded the photos of her child be turned over to her so she could destroy them.

    Amos instructed the parent to return the next day for the photos. Upon returning the next day the parent was told the photos had been destroyed and to consider the matter closed.

    This was the first of two times Amos gained knowledge of Alexander's very inappropriate behavior and failed to protect the students in her care.

    Alexander was later arrested in 2012 after an FBI investigation and was charged with two sexual offense in the first degree and two indecent liberties with a child , both felony charges.

    As a parent of students in the Yancey County School System knowing that Amos has not only knew but allowed this to go on for several years makes me concerned about the fact that Kathy Amos will be allowed to make decisions on my children and many more children's behalf.

    Signing this petition will show the NC Board of Education, Yancey County Board of Education, mayor and governor (if need be) that we as parents will not stand for Kathy Amos to be our superintendent because we do not feel like she is capable of protecting our precious children when she failed to protect the students of the Burke County school system that she was in charge of.

    Help me protect our children and keep Kathy Amos out of our school systems.

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