Guilty! Rachael Patterson, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom (arrested May 2012) [racist rant]

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    Rachael Patterson, 29, history teacher at St. Machar Academy, Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, "racially abused a nightclub bouncer"

    Teacher free to return to classroom less than a year after being struck off for racially aggravated conduct

    Rachael Patterson got drunk and danced on a table before making monkey noises during the incident in Aberdeen. The 29-year-old was convicted of racially aggravated conduct, sacked from her job at the city’s St Machar Academy, and struck off the teaching register. The decision to let her resume teaching so soon has been condemned as “very wrong” by Aberdeen Councillor Mohammed Malik, who said he would raise the issue with colleagues.

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    Rachael Patterson, St. Machar Academy, Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
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    Background ...

    Teacher convicted of racist behaviour launches bid to save career

    14 Sept 2013

    A teacher danced on a nightclub bench before calling a bouncer a “f****** monkey”. Rachael Patterson, who worked with “challenging” youngsters in Aberdeen, also made monkey noises during the racist incident, a hearing was told. The 28-year-old was sacked from her job and convicted earlier this year of acting in a “racially aggravated manner”. The incident has come to light after Mrs Patterson this week launched a bid to save her teaching career. The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS), at a hearing in Edinburgh, claims that her fitness toteach is impaired. Mrs Patterson, pictured above leaving the hearing in ...
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    Background ...

    Teacher, 28, banned from classroom after racist attack on bouncer at nightclub

    27 Nov 2013

    Rachael Patterson called the steward a “f****** monkey”. The 28-year-old, who worked with kids from troubled backgrounds, also made monkey noises. Patterson was sacked and convicted earlier this year of racially aggravated conduct. She attempted to save her teaching career at a hearing in Edinburgh this month but she was struck off by watchdogs. The General Teaching Council for Scotland ruled that it was the only sanction which would show their commitment to promoting equality and diversity.