Michael Barclay, Las Vegas, Nevada (arrested Sept 2013)

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    Michael Barclay, 44, history teacher & boys basketball coach at Lied Middle School, Clark County School District, Las Vegas, Nevada, "attempted statutory sexual seduction and attempted lewdness with a child under 14"

    News 3: Second teacher at Lied Middle School accused of sexual misconduct (Sept 25 2013)

    Michael Barclay, 44, has been charged with attempted statutory sexual seduction by a person over 21 and attempted lewdness with a child under 14, according to court records. Both charges are felonies ... Barclay, who taught history at Lied Middle School, was placed on home assignment several months ago, said Melinda Malone, spokeswoman for the Clark County School District. Now that formal charges have been filed, the district will begin the process of terminating his employment, she said. Detectives began investigating Barclay in late July after allegations made by a male student, police said. The case involves electronic communication.
    Michael Barclay, Las Vegas, Nevada, Lied Middle School, Clark County School District
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    8 News Now: Police Seek Information on Accused Teacher (Sept 25 2013)

    Police arrested 44-year-old Michael Barclay Wednesday ... According to the arrest report, Barclay contacted male students through Facebook and asked them inappropriate questions. In one case, he took one of the players on his team out to dinner and then brought him back to his house where he asked him to perform oral sex on him.
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    Las Vegas Review-Journal: Teacher faces charges of attempted sex acts with minor (Sept 25 2013)

    A local middle school teacher accused of attempting sexual acts with a minor was arrested Wednesday. Michael Barclay, 44, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center Wednesday on two charges of attempted sexual acts with a minor, according to the jail’s booking log.
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    Fox 5 Vegas: Police: Teacher talked porn, sex acts with underage students (Sept 26 2013)

    In the arrest report, detectives said they were contacted in July by the mother of a former Lied student after she found messages in the boy's Facebook account coming from Barclay. The messages led to the boy discussing to detectives, in the report, an April 2012 incident in which Barclay, who was the child's basketball coach and mentor, took the boy to the teacher's home after eating out. The boy, in the report, stated Barclay mentioning having engaged in a sexual act with "a gay man" and also catching two boys "trying to do the same" in the locker room. That led to Barclay, as the boy was stated as saying in the report, to ask the then-seventh grader whether he was gay and to perform the act on him. The boy told police he said no to Barclay.

    After the incident, the boy, in the report, said he would skip practice to avoid Barclay, but would then be contacted by him through Facebook. The boy told detectives Barclay, in the report, posted comments stating "he was not a pedophile" and that he "thought he could joke with him." The boy's mother, as she stated in the report, told police she let Barclay drive the child to and from basketball practice after he offered, due to her late work schedule. The boy indicated, in the report, Barclay contacted additional students, saying some were posed the same mention of pornography through Facebook.

    In August, detectives, in the report, spoke with a couple of Barclay's former students who were said to have contact with the teacher. One student, in the report, said Barclay asked him through Facebook messages about watching porn, as well as telling the boy that he watches "too much porn." "You can porn over here," the student stated Barclay as saying in the report. The student said, in the report, the message "really freaked [him] out."

    Police also spoke to two high school students whom were taught by Barclay while they were in seventh grade at Lied. Both told police, in the report, they were each recently messaged on Facebook by Barclay. One of the students stated, in the report, Barclay messaged the boy at "odd hours of the night" and also asked him about "watching porn." The other student, as he stated in the report, thought it was "a little strange" Barclay tried to contact him, because they had no contact in four years.
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    Fox 5 Vegas: Teacher charged with attempted lewdness appears in court (Sept 26 2013)

    A Lied Middle School teacher accused of asking an underage student to engage in a sex act made his initial appearance in court Friday. An affidavit-and-warrant hearing was held for Michael Barclay in Las Vegas Justice Court ... Metro's Sexual Assault Section received information of allegations of inappropriate conduct involving a Lied teacher in July 2013, according to police.
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    Fox 5 Vegas: Vegas school principal reassigned after teachers arrested (Sept 26 2013)

    The principal of Lied Middle School in Las Vegas was placed on home assignment after the second lewdness-related arrest involving a teacher there. A spokesperson with Clark County School District confirmed the assignment for Principal Kimberly Bass-Davis pending an investigation. The move follows [two] separate arrests involving teachers at Lied.
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    CBS Local Las Vegas: Teacher Charged In “Attempted Sex Acts” (Sept 26 2013)

    44 year old history teacher at Lied Middle School has been charged with attempted sex acts with a minor ... When he was arrested, the school district placed him on paid home leave, but CCSD spokeswoman Melinda Malone tells KXNT that the district will now move to dismiss him since the District Attorney’s office has filed charges. An assistant principal at the school has been placed on paid home leave pending additional investigation.
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    KTNV: Lied Middle School teacher arrested on sex-related charges (Sept 26 2013)

    The investigation into the charges began last school year in July. It began after a mother contacted police because of a message sent to her child through Facebook from [Michael] Barclay. According to the police report, Barclay chatted with students through Facebook and talked with them about watching pornography. Barclay also allegedly made inappropriate advances towards at least one student, asking him for sexual favors. According to a spokesperson with CCSD, Barclay has been at home on paid administrative leave for several months. His salary is $54,700.
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    Las Vegas Review Journal: Lied Middle School parents outraged by teacher arrests (Sept 26 2013)

    Two teachers at Lied Middle School have been arrested on sex-related charges involving minors since the start of the 2013-14 school year. The principal of the school also is on paid administrative leave, although the Clark County School District has not disclosed why ...
    • Michael Barclay, who taught history and coached boys basketball at Lied, was arrested Wednesday after surrendering to Las Vegas police. He faces two felony charges of attempted sex acts with a minor ...
    • In August, Alfphonso Washington, 47, an English teacher and girls basketball coach at the school, was arrested on two misdemeanor charges involving lewdness against a minor.
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    KTNV: CCSD school deals with arrested teachers, temporary principal (Sept 26 2013)

    This week, a Clark County School District middle school teacher was arrested, accused of attempting to have sex with a minor. A month ago, another Clark County School District middle school teacher was arrested and charged with open and gross lewdness. Additionally, Action News has learned that the principal of the school where both men taught, is on paid administrative leave, pending an internal investigation ... Action News learned the regular principal at Lied Middle School, Kimberly Bass-Davis, is also on paid administrative leave, but school officials aren't saying whether it's related to the two recent sexual enticement cases. According to the district, she's been on paid leave for a few weeks, pending some sort of internal investigation. Her absence comes as a shock to parents Action News talked to, who just found out this week.
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    Las Vegas Sun: After teacher arrests, district considers how much social media interaction to allow (Sept 27 2013)

    What may seem like harmless communication can balloon into something more, resulting in inappropriate conversations and, in some cases, sexual misconduct on behalf of the teacher, staff member or school volunteer ... The latter scenario led to the arrest of two Lied Middle School teachers — Michael Barclay, 44, on Wednesday, and Alphonso Washington, 47, on Aug. 27. Although separate cases, the similarities are striking: Barclay was the boys’ basketball coach. Washington coached the girls’ basketball team. And both cases involved electronic communication between the suspects and victims, police said.

    The Clark County School District, which has 40,000-some employees, averages about three arrests of teachers or staff members each year related to sexual misconduct, said CCSD Police Sgt. Mitch Maciszak. “The only common factor is some type of electronic communication has been used,” he said.
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    UK Daily Mail: Parents fury as one month into school and two teachers at same middle school have been busted on sex with minors charges (Sept 27 2013)
    • Both teachers taught basketball at the school
    • School principal has also been placed on administrative leave
    • Allegations into sex with the students go back several months
    Michael Barclay, 44, is the latest employee at Lied Middle School to be booked into the Clark County Detention Center on two charges of attempted sexual acts with a minor. Barclay, a middle school history teacher and coached boys basketball, was send home on paid administrative leave.


    Last month, 47-year-old Alfphonso Washington, who taught and coached girls’ basketball at the middle school, was arrested and charged with two counts of lewdness against a minor. Washington had not been assigned to a school for the 2013-2014 school year and has not been on a school district campus since the investigation started in May. He is on paid administrative leave.