Mark Bringhurst, Vineland, New Jersey (arrested March 2012) [streaking]

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    Mark Bringhurst (Berlin, New Jersey), 40, teacher at Dr. John H. Winslow Elementary School [Vineland Public Schools], Vineland, New Jersey, "fired for streaking in parking lot"

    NBC Philadelphia: Vineland Teacher of the Year Fired for Streaking in Parking Lot (Dec 12 2012)

    Already named as the 2011-2012 teacher of the year, Vineland educator Mark Bringhurst was looking to continue his winning streak this year. But it was a streak of a different kind that not only cut that pursuit short, but also cost him his job ... On the night of March 21, police say Bringhurst ran through the parking lot of the Greenway Village Apartment Complex while naked.

    Mark Bringhurst, Vineland, New Jersey, Berlin, Dr. John H. Winslow Elementary School, Vineland Public Schools
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    This appears to be the most comprehensive article; it contain much more info than I have quoted here:

    Daily Journal: Vineland teacher fired for streaking (Dec 12 2012)

    At 8:33 p.m. March 21, Berlin police Sgt. Gary Sheehan was dispatched to Greenway Village Apartments for reports of a naked man running through the parking lot, the arbitrator’s decision noted. The witness called police because children were in the area and he was concerned for their safety, according to police testimony contained in the tenure ruling. The witness also told Sheehan this wasn’t the first time he’d seen the nude man sprinting through the lot. Using the witness’ description of the suspect and partial license plate number for his Ford Escort, Sheehan located the car in an adult bookstore parking lot on Route 73.

    The officer found a suspect matching the description who identified himself at Bringhurst. At first, Bringhurst denied being at Greenway Village Apartments, but then admitted to the officer that he did run naked through the parking lot. He was placed under arrest.
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    Press of Atlantic City: Vineland teacher's tenure case, involving naked run, first to be resolved under new law (Dec 13 2012)

    A Vineland teacher caught running naked through an apartment complex on a dare is the first tenure case resolved under a new law designed to reduce the time it takes for such cases ... Mark C. Bringhurst did lose his job, but representatives of both the state teacher’s union and the school boards association said the new procedure did protect his right of due process while resolving the case in a timely manner. It took less than four months from the time charges were filed with the state.
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    TMP Himself Vineland elementary school teacher fired after being arrested for streaking (Dec 13 2012)

    A fifth-grade city elementary school teacher has lost his job after allegedly streaking through a Berlin Township apartment complex earlier this year. Mark C. Bringhurst, 41, of Berlin Township, was a tenured teacher at Winslow Elementary School in Vineland for eight years, and co-workers once named him “Teacher of the Year.” His dismissal came after a hearing before arbitrator Robert C. Gifford.
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    TMP Himself N.J. teacher who ran nude through apartment complex is 1st fired under new tenure law (Dec 13 2012)

    A New Jersey teacher caught running naked through an apartment complex is the first to lose his job under a speedier new tenure law. It took four months from the time the Vineland Board of Education filed tenure charges against fifth-grade teacher Mark Bringhurst, 41, until the charges were resolved last week. Previously, such cases normally took a year or more. Bringhurst was arrested in March on lewdness charges after authorities say he ran naked through Greenway Village Apartments in Berlin Township apartment complex on a dare. The 2011-12 district teacher of the year pleaded guilty to acting in an improper manner.

    Trentonian: Naked teacher 1st test of NJ’s new tenure law (Dec 13 2012)
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    The Daily Caller: Teacher of the year sacked for running naked through parking lot (Dec 14 2012)

    Mark Bringhurst, a fifth-grade teacher for eight years at Winslow Elementary School, was arrested in March and charged with lewdness after police say he made his birthday-suit sprint, WNBC reports. According to the Daily Journal, a local newspaper, police managed to find Bringhurst at an adult bookstore. He eventually admitted to being the streaker ... The district’s pink slip proceedings — from initiation of charges to actual firing — took four months. A new law helped speed up the process. The official reason for Bringhurst’s dismissal was conduct “unbecoming of a tenured teacher,” ...
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    Huffington Post: Mark Bringhurst, Former Teacher Of The Year, Loses Job After Streaking Naked (VIDEO) (Dec 17 2012)

    Mark Bringhurst was Teacher of the Year in Vineland, N.J., in 2011-12, but he has no chance of turning the honor into a winning streak. Not after being fired for streaking in an apartment complex. Bringhurst was arrested for running naked through the parking lot of a Camden County apartment complex in March and was recently fired for what the Vineland School District considered to be conduct "unbecoming of a tenured teacher," WTXF-TV reported.
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    AOL: Former Teacher Of The Year, Mark Bringhurst, Fired For Streaking (Dec 17 2012)

    A former "Teacher of the Year" in a New Jersey school district was fired after being arrested for allegedly streaking through an apartment complex. Mark C. Bringhurst, a tenured fifth grade teacher in Vineland, N.J., was the first educator to lose his job under the state's speedier new tenure law, championed by Gov. Chris Christie.
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    BostInno: Today’s Sign of the Mayan Apocalypse: Teacher of the Year Fired for Streaking … Again (Dec 18 2012)

    There’s a long and illustrious list of things you probably shouldn’t do in your birthday suit. Mark Bringhurst recently found out the hard way that streaking through a parking lot–especially one where children were said to be playing near–ranks rather high on that list. The New Jersey man was arrested for running naked through a Camden County apartment complex in March, reports the Huffington Post–a cold-footed joy run that just got him canned from the Vineland School District, for which he had recently been named the Teacher of the Year ... I suppose if you’re the Vineland, NJ, Teacher of the Year for the last year the world will exist, you’re entitled to a daring streak.
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    Your Jewish News: Teacher of the year arrested and fired after running around naked (Dec 18 2012)

    A teacher of the year [Mark Bringhurst] was arrested and fired from his position after running around naked at an apartment complex, according to police reports ... Bringhurst was arrested for running naked through the parking lot of an apartment complex in Camden County, New Jersey, and was recently laid off after the Vineland School District considered the conduct "unbecoming of a tenured professor," the local TV station reported.