Guilty! Marc Alan Carden, Frisco, Texas (arrested Jan 2014)

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    Marc Alan Carden, 30, history teacher at Justin Wakeland High School, Frisco ISD, Frisco, Texas, "accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old student"

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    Dallas Morning News: Frisco teacher accused of having sex with 14-year-old student (Jan 23 2014)

    An arrest warrant affidavit states that records recovered from the girl’s cellphone contain communications, including texts, between her and [Marc Alan] Carden about having sex. Carden could not be reached for comment. The student, who is not being identified because of her age and because she is an alleged sexual assault victim, attends a different school.


    According to the Frisco police affidavit, the girl apparently met Carden at a hotel Jan. 11. She told her parents she was staying the night at a friend’s house, but then the friend showed up looking for her. After being unable to reach her, the girl’s father pulled her cellphone records and found a frequently used number that he didn’t recognize. The girl confirmed when she came home that the number was Carden’s, the report states. The father went to Frisco police on Jan. 13 because of the frequency of calls and his daughter’s suspicious actions that night. He told police it appeared his daughter had deleted all messages involving Carden from her phone.

    With the parents’ permission, police did a forensic exam on the phone. They recovered numerous communications, including texts, between Carden and the girl about having sex as early as October. The communications also detailed plans for getting a hotel room on Jan. 11. Police say they obtained a copy of the receipt for the hotel bill that Carden paid that day.

    Marc Alan Carden, Frisco, Texas, Justin Wakeland High School, Frisco ISD, R.L. Turner High School, Carrollton - Farmers Branch ISD, Carrollton
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    My Fox DFW: Frisco high school teacher accused of sexually assaulting teen (Jan 23 2014)

    According to court documents, the parents of the alleged victim involved became suspicious of the relationship earlier this month when they found out that their daughter was not really spending the night at a friend's house like she had said. When the victim returned home, her parents had her show them the most recent number in her phone she had dialed, which was listed under the contact "Coach Carden."

    The phone was turned over to the Frisco Police Department, and it was discovered that [Marc Alan] Carden and the victim had discussed Carden getting a hotel room for the two of them, and how the victim could get to the room. A receipt later confirmed that Carden had paid for a hotel the night of Jan. 11, which is the same day that the victim told her parents she was staying overnight at her friend's, but didn't. Text messages from the phone also revealed Carden and the victim talked about having sex, with the victim saying sex with Carden was painful.
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    NBC DFW: Frisco ISD Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault of a Child (Jan 23 2014)

    The girl, whose identity will not be revealed due to hear age, is a student in the Frisco Independent School District but was not a student at Wakeland High School, where [Marc Alan] Carden was employed. The affidavit said Carden and the victim had exchanged many text messages and phone calls and planned to meet on Jan. 11, 2014, at a hotel room. Within the texts, investigators found messages in which the victim and Carden allegedly discussed having sexual intercourse.
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    WFAA: Frisco coach arrested on sexual assault of child charge (Jan 23 2014)

    A Frisco coach f[Marc Alan Carden] rom Wakeland High School was arrested Thursday on a charge of sexual assault of a child ... "The arrest was made in connection with an inappropriate relationship he had with a juvenile," said Lt. J.E. Jenkins, a spokesman with the Frisco Police Department.

    KHOU: North Texas coach arrested on sexual assault of child charge (Jan 23 2014)

    KVUE: Frisco coach arrested on sexual assault of child charge (Jan 23 2014)
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    CBS Local DFW: Frisco Teacher, Coach Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault Of Child (Jan 23 2014)

    According to the arrest warrant, the teen told her parents she was sleeping over a friend’s house, but never showed up there the night of January 11. When her parents tried to call her, the teen didn’t answer her cell phone. Her dad then pulled the teen’s phone records and called one of her frequently dialed numbers that he didn’t recognize. Police later determined the number belonged to Marc Carden. With her parents permission, police were able to pull deleted messages from the teen’s phone, which included several conversations about sex. In one of the messages, the teen told Carden sex with him was “painful.” The two also discussed Carden getting a hotel room the night the teen went missing. Carden told her to enter the hotel from the side door after he checked in, according to police.

    North Dallas Gazette: Frisco teacher arrested for sexual relationship with 14 year-old girl (Jan 23 2014)
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    Former Frisco history teacher gets 10-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting 14-year-old

    A former high school history teacher from Frisco was sentenced to 10 years in prison ... An emergency protective order was issued after Carden’s arrest prohibiting him from contacting the girl. The girl’s mother sought a new protective order after ...

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