Guilty! Larry David Twigg, Waterloo, Iowa (arrested Jan 2010)

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    Waterloo/Cedar Rapids/Cedar Falls-area teachers with issues:​
    >>> Convicted, April 2011 <<<​
    >>> Reversed on appeal & remanded for new trial, August 2012 <<<​
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    Name: Larry David Twigg, Waterloo, Iowa (arrested Jan 2010)

    Age: 54

    School: West High School [Waterloo Community School District], Waterloo, Iowa

    Position: Computer teacher

    Victim: Boy, 17

    Larry David Twigg was originally arrested, tried & convicted 01/2010 - 05/2011. His current problems are due to an alleged failure to comply with sex-offender registration requirements. I will cover his original arrest, trial & conviction in the first response.

    Eastern Iowa News (13 Oct 2011): U-S Marshals arrest former Waterloo Teacher

    KCRG (13 Oct 2011): U.S. Marshals Arrest Former Waterloo Teacher

    KWWL (13 Oct 2011): NEW DETAILS: U.S. Marshals believe Larry Twigg was living in Ankeny

    WCF Courier (13 Oct 2011): UPDATE: Former teacher Larry Twigg arrested again

    KCCI (14 Oct 2011): Former Teacher Arrested Again

    Larry David Twigg, Waterloo, Iowa, West High School, Waterloo Community School District, Cedarville, Ohio
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    Larry David Twiggs original arrest, trial & conviction

    twigg larry david orig booking.jpg

    Waterloo, Iowa, Police Department Press Release (2 Feb 2010):

    West High School Teacher Arrested​

    Tuesday, 02 February 2010 16:44​

    On January 27, 2010 Waterloo Police Officers were sent to West High School, 425 East Ridgeway, on report of possible suspicious behavior by one of the teachers. The investigation revealed that the teacher had a 17-year-old male student come to his house where illegal acts occurred over the last couple of months.​

    Police have arrested Larry David Twigg, age 52, of 131 Vincent Road, Waterloo, IA on five (5) counts of Lascivious Conduct with a Minor, an aggravated misdemeanor. The charges state that Twigg was in a position of authority over a minor and persuaded or coerced the minor to partially disrobe for the purpose of arousing or satisfying Twigg's sexual desire.​

    Twigg is being held in the Black Hawk County Jail on $25,000 bond. Photo shown below.​

    Captain Tim Pillack​

    KCRG (3 Feb 2010): Longtime Waterloo West Teacher Facing Charges of "Lascivious Conduct With a Minor"

    WCF Courier (3 Feb 2010): Waterloo teacher arrested

    The Gazette (3 Feb 2010): More details emerge in Waterloo West teacher case

    WCF Courier (1 March 2011): Attorney asks judge to dismiss charges against former teacher Larry Twigg

    Globe Gazette (2 March 2011): Former Waterloo teacher wants charges dropped

    Examiner (3 March 2011): Hearing on Friday for teacher accused of pouring chocolate syrup over student

    The Gazette (4 March 2011): Former Waterloo teacher’s pouring chocolate on student not sexual, attorney says

    The Gazette (4 April 2011): Former Waterloo teacher accused of pouring chocolate syrup on students didn’t suffer from mental illness, psychiatrist says

    WCF Courier (6 April 2011): NOON UPDATE: Former students testify to bizarre chocolate syrup encounters with accused former teacher

    KCRG ( April 2011): Student Testifies Former Waterloo Teacher Poured Syrup On Him In Bathtub

    WCF Courier (7 April 2011): UPDATE: State rests in Larry Twigg lascivious conduct case

    KCRG (8 April 2011): Former Waterloo Teacher Convicted

    The Gazette (8 April 2011): Former Waterloo Teacher Convicted

    WCF Courier (6 May 2011): Former Waterloo West teacher Larry Twigg gets 2 years in prison for lascivious conduct'

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    Looks like Larry David Twigg turned up in Cedarville, Ohio ...

    News report on Friday Oct. 5:

    WHIO TV: Police: Ex-teacher sex offender did not register

    A former Iowa teacher whose conviction for lacivious acts with a male student was reversed last month, was arrested in Cedarville, Ohio Thursday night. Larry Twigg, 55, was booked and then released Friday from the Greene County Jail on felony charges of failure to register as a sex offender in the county. News Center 7 reported last November that local U.S. Marshals began surveillance on Twigg after learning he’d left Iowa and was living in a home on Creamer Drive in Cedarville. Twigg was convicted in 2011in Black Hawk County, Iowa on five counts of lacivious acts with a minor ... Twigg was not jailed in Iowa while his case was being appealed. In August, Twigg won his appeal, and the Iowa Court of Appeals remanded the case for a new trial. The appellate court said the district court abused its discretion by admitting testimony of another former student who testified to prior bad acts. A Xenia Municipal Court judge released Twigg from jail Friday afternoon on his own recognizance.

    My two cents worth: If his conviction was reversed on appeal, does that not void any requirement to register as a sex offender? He's now back in the "innocent until proven guilty" state. The Iowa prosecutor get to start over from square one.
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    Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: UPDATE: Twigg convicted; morecharges filed against him (May 24 2013)

    Former Waterloo teacher Larry Twigg was found guilty of five counts of misdemeanor lascivious conduct with a minor Friday afternoon in Black Hawk County. The jury ruled Twigg was guilty of spanking a 17-year-old student and having him create snow angels. He also made the student take a chocolate syrup shower in his boxer shorts.​


    As Twigg, a former West High computer instructor who has been free on bond, left the courtroom following the verdict Friday afternoon, Waterloo police arrested him on new charges connected to allegations involving another student. The new charges are two counts of sexual exploitation by a school employee. They stem from incidents between fall 2008 and summer 2009. One of the charges is a misdemeanor for an incident that allegedly occurred. The other charge is a felony alleging Twigg engaged a pattern of conduct.​