Resigned! Larisa Oringdulph, Pueblo, Colorado (resigned Nov 2013)

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    Larisa Oringdulph, 31, English teacher at South High School, Pueblo City Schools, Pueblo, Colorado, "kissed a student and sent indecent pictures of herself to multiple male students"


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    KRDO: Former Pueblo teacher didn't commit a crime, police say (Nov 14 2013)

    October, a parent contacted police and said that Larisa Oringdulph, 31, was having an inappropriate relationship with her son. The mom told police she found a picture on her son's cellphone that Oringdulph had sent him of herself in her underwear. Oringdulph told police she meant to send that picture to her personal trainer. In police records obtained by KRDO, Oringdulph said she and the teen would send each other text messages about sex. She said they kissed once, but Oringdulph said she never had sex with any of her students. Oringdulph told police in September she got "in trouble" with the school district for texting a student. She said the vice principal gave her a letter.

    Larisa Oringdulph, Pueblo, Colorado, South High School, Pueblo City Schools
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    Pueblo Chieftain: Police studying actions of ex-South teacher (Nov 14 2013)

    Pueblo police have been investigating a former South High School teacher for allegedly sending explicit text messages and scantily clad photos of herself to male students. Police reports show investigators also have been looking into whether Larisa Oringdulph, 31, had been intimate with at least one male student. Oringdulph resigned her teaching position on Nov. 7, Scott Jones, Pueblo City Schools (D60) spokesman, said Wednesday. Jones has refused repeated requests from The Pueblo Chieftain , dating back to Nov. 5, regarding whether there had been an investigation involving Oringdulph and what her employment status was at the school.
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    KRDO: Students, parents speak out on Pueblo teacher controversy: South High community debates whether resigned teacher deserves more punishment (Nov 16 2013)

    KRDO NewsChannel 13 and the Pueblo Chieftain learned earlier this week that Oringdulph resigned last month amid allegations she behaved inappropriately with students. She was accused of kissing a student, texting a photo of herself in underwear to a student and sending text messages about sex -- an act commonly referred to as "sexting."


    One parent who requested anonymity said she began hearing about the situation from other students a year ago, but nothing was done after she informed police and School District 60. "They told me to stop the rumors, that they were creating a very big ruckus in the school that wasn't true, and to just leave it at that," she said.
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    KDVR: Teacher who sexted, kissed student violated school policy, no laws (Nov 19 2013)

    A Pueblo school teacher who resigned shortly after being caught kissing and sending lewd text messages to students violated school board policy, but she is yet to lose her teaching license, according to a recent report. In October, according to KRDO, police confiscated a cell phone belonging to Larisa Oringdulph, a teacher at South High School, and found photos of the 31-year-old in her underwear that had been sent to several male students at the school. When speaking to police, Oringdulph also admitted she had kissed a 17-year-old outside the school gym. Pueblo Police have already stated that Oringdulph broke no laws, but on Tuesday, a member of the District 60 school board told KRDO Oringdulph did violate one of the school board’s policies — the “Staff Use of Technology and Internet and Electronic Communications” policy, specifically.
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    The Denver Channel: Pueblo Police: Teacher 'sexting' and kissing a student was not criminal (Nov 19 2013)

    The TV station said police found cell phone pictures last month that Larisa Oringdulph sent to several male students of her in her underwear. She also told police that she kissed a 17-year-old student outside a gym. Police investigated. They said investigators found she committed no crime. A defense attorney told KRDO that the photo "does not qualify under the definition of sexual exploitation of a child." As for her job, the school board's policy states "Staff may not communicate with students through personal social media platforms or by texting without prior authorization from an administrator." However, Oringdulph was not fired, because she had already resigned.
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    Colorado Newsday: District refuses to explain why teacher accused of sexting kept her job (Nov 19 2013)

    Administrators in Pueblo City Schools refuse to explain why a teacher was allowed to keep working nearly a year after parents and students said they complained she was sexting with students. Former South High School teacher Larisa Oringdulph resigned Nov. 7 after she told police she kissed a student. Her husband said she resigned "for personal reasons."


    According to police reports, parents told South High School principal Aaron Bravo that Oringdulph was having an inappropriate relationship with their son. Bravo told those parents he'd start an investigation. KRDO called Bravo to find out if that ever happened, but he hung up. KRDO contacted superintendent Dr. Maggie Lopez and assistant superintendent Dr. Brenda Krage but they refused to answer questions. KRDO asked to speak with Lopez and Krage during a reception Tuesday. They didn't answer questions. Lopez and Krage stepped aside and waited for District 60 spokesman Scott Jones. Jones said, "The district is declining all further comment."


    Administrators refused to answer questions, but school board member Rose Holloway spoke. "As a board member, we were given minimal information. All we knew was that a teacher had been suspended and that was two weeks ago and we didn't know why," Holloway said. "We were told a teacher resigned. That's it. We didn't know why. What was going on? Anything like that." As Holloway spoke to KRDO and its news partner The Pueblo Chieftain, the district's lawyer, Richard Bump, asked to speak with Holloway.
    Holloway is an elected official yet we heard her ask Bump, "We can't say that?"

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    NY Daily News: Colorado teacher not charged for kissing 17-year-old student and sending a nude selfie to other boys — and she keeps her teaching license: report (Nov 19 2013)

    A Colorado teacher busted for kissing a 17-year-old student and sending a nude picture to other high school boys did not commit any crimes, but she did violate the school board’s policies, according to a report. Larisa Oringdulph admitted to police that she kissed a boy outside the gym of South High School, where she worked, after Pueblo police found pictures last month of the teacher wearing underwear that she sent to several teens, KRDO-TV reported. Cops did not pursue charges against the 31-year-old teacher, because the boys were older than 17, which is the state’s age of consent.
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