Guilty! Kimberly Lake Smith, Galeton, Pennsylvania (arrested May 2012)

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    Name: Kimberly Lake Smith aka Kimberly Davis, 109 Fletcher Lane, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

    Age: 36 (born 22 Aug 1975)

    School: Galeton High School [Galeton Area School District], Galeton, Pennsylvania

    Position: Health & physical education teacher

    Victim: 2 males, both aged 17

    Star Gazette (14 May 2012): Galeton high school teacher charged in inappropriate interactions

    Press Citizen (14 May 2012): Galeton high school teacher charged in inappropriate interactions

    Star Gazette (14 May 2012): Police: Galeton teacher had sexual encounters with students during school hours: Court documents reveal similar incidents have occurred since 1999

    Press Connects (14 May 2012): Police: Galeton teacher had sexual encounters with students during school hours

    18 WETM Elmira-Corning NY (14 May 2012): Galeton High School Teacher Accused Of Having Inappropriate Sexual Relations With Students

    Kimberly Lake Smith, Kimberly Davis, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, Galeton High School, Galeton Area School District, Galeton

    Tonya Craft was charged with twenty-two counts of child molestation. She proclaimed her innocence from the beginning ... Those words started a new life for Tonya Craft. She was free and found not guilty on twenty-two counts of child molestation. (WTVC)    
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    Sun Gazette (15 May 2012): Galeton health teacher accused of behaving inappropriately with 17-year-old students

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    Potter Leader-Enterprise (16 May 2012): Teacher arrested for alleged sexual contact with pair of students

    Wellsboro Gazette (16 May 2012): Galeton teacher suspended, charged with sexual contact with students

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    Google News Alert (Oct 20 2012):

    Former Teacher Offered a Plea Deal
    Galeton , PA (WETM-TV) - The Galeton School District teacher charged in ... says the deal was offered to 36 year old Kimberly Lake Smith of Wellsboro.
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    Endeavor News: Teacher may take plea (Oct 27 2012)

    A plea arrangement is being discussed for the Galeton school teacher charged for allegedly having improper relationships with two male students. Kimberly Lake Smith, 36, of Wellsboro, was arrested in May after an investigation revealed she had intimate physical contact with students during school hours from 1999 to 2012.
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    Daily Item: Former teacher in Potter County jailed for inappropriate student contact (Aug 9 2013)

    A former northern Pennsylvania teacher [Kimberly Lake Smith] must spend five months in jail followed by seven months confined to her home after pleading no contest to charges she kissed two 17-year-old students and allowed them to fondle her ... Potter County prosecutors dropped charges that she allegedly intimidated witnesses in exchange for Smith’s pleas earlier this month to charges of endangering the welfare of children and corruption of minors. Smith must spend 11½ months on parole after her confinement, followed by a year’s probation.

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