Keita Motono, Yokohama, Japan (arrested Aug 2014) [molestation of junior high student]

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    Keita Motono, physical education teacher, Yokohama, Japan, molestation of female junior high student

    25-year-old teacher arrested for molesting student in Yokohama

    Police in Yokohama said Tuesday they have arrested a 25-year-old male teacher working at a high school for molesting a 3rd year female junior high school student. According to police, on Aug 13, Keita Motono, a physical education teacher, approached the girl from behind as she was walking home and told her to stand still, NTV reported. He then reportedly groped her chest and the lower part of her body and said he would kill her if she screamed. Police said Motono has admitted to the charge and are questioning him about 14 other similar cases, all involving young girls ...

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    Keita Motono, Yokohama, Japan
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