Kaitlin “Kaity” Pearson, Fitchburg, Massachusetts (suspended Jan 2014) ["implied" nude modeling]

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    Kaitlin “Kaity” Pearson, 23, teachers aide at South Street Elementary School, Fitchburg Public Schools, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, "suspended after some of her risque photos surfaced"

    Facebook: Kaitlin Pearson

    Model Mayhem: Kaity P

    Instagram: Kaitlin Pearson

    News-Telegram: Fitchburg places teacher's aide on leave after nude photos surface (Jan 22 2014)

    Racy modeling photos of a 23-year-old teacher's aide who worked in the special education department at South Street Elementary School have prompted administrative action against her while an investigation is conducted.​
    Some of the photos of Kaitlin "Kaity" Pearson that appear on her Facebook page and in modeling publications, including ModelsMania Magazine — which named her its model of the year — are "elegant implied nudes" with only her hands covering her nipples and her legs strategically placed to cover other sensitive areas. She is also seen posing with other nude women.
    Those photos made their way to the desk of Fitchburg School Superintendent Andre R. Ravenelle Friday when an anonymous package was delivered to his office.
    "On Friday, January 17, 2014, the Fitchburg Public Schools received an anonymous envelope," Mr. Ravenelle said in a statement he released Wednesday morning after the Sentinel & Enterprise newspaper — which received the same anonymous packet Monday — ran a story about Ms. Pearson.


    Kaitlin “Kaity” Pearson, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, South Street Elementary School, Fitchburg Public Schools
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    Huffington Post: Kaity Pearson's Photos Get Her Suspended From Teacher Aide Position [NSFW PHOTO] (Jan 23 2014)

    Kaity Pearson was suspended from the South Street Elementary School in Fitchburg, Mass., according to the Fitchburg Telegraph.
    Pearson recently graced the cover of Models Mania magazine. The suspension came after racy photos of Pearson were sent to Fitchburg School Superintendent Andre Ravenelle in an anonymous envelope delivered on January 17, the paper reports.

    The envelope "contained modeling screenshots of an individual who is employed as a paraprofessional at South Street Elementary School, and it also contained comments about that individual's employment here," Ravenelle wrote in a statement to the Telegram. "This prompted the opening of an investigation by management, and as is not uncommon at the onset of personnel investigations, the paraprofessional was immediately placed on a paid leave of absence ..."

    Though it was apparently an envelope stuffed with pictures that tipped school officials off to Pearson's non-nude photos and second job, her Facebook and Model Mayhem pages are available for anyone to see.

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    International Business Times: Kaitlin Pearson Too Hot For School? Racy Photos Of Teacher Lead To School Placing Her On Administrative Leave [PHOTO] (Jan 23 2014)

    Kaitin Pearson, 23, has been placed on administrative leave for her role as a teacher’s aide in Massachusetts after racy photos of her were found online. The young blonde posted the pictures herself, on her Instagram page, as recently as two days ago. While she may be a teacher’s aide, it is evident Pearson’s dream job is actually modeling, as many of her photos are done at photoshoots and feature her in barely-there outfits. She also has a profile on Model Mayhem, a site that helps models find work.

    "I am energetic, creative, feisty, passionate about modeling, and I bring my love of life to every shoot!" writes Pearson on Model Mayhem. "I have a background in graphics and business, and as such I am as reliable and responsible as a model could be. I'm balancing modeling with a full-time job, so my time is very precious. I am here to expand my modeling horizons and am interested in serious opportunities."
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    Raw Story: Is this woman too hot to work as an elementary school teacher’s aide? (Jan 23 2014)

    A Massachusetts teacher’s aide was placed on paid administrative leave after someone anonymously sent racy photos of her to the school superintendent. Kaitlin “Kaity” Pearson posted dozens of partially nude photos of herself on her public Facebook page and in modeling publications, including ModelsMania – which named her model of the year.

    “To think that one year ago I was a girl picked up by a small modeling group (thing) branched out and spread my wings and was given the highest honor a model could ask for,” Pearson posted on Facebook. “Many thanks again and I am wear this name proudly.”


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    Inquisitr: Nude Photos Get Elementary TA Kaitlin Pearson “Suspended” (Jan 23 2014)

    Nude photos get elementary teacher’s aide Kaitlin Pearson fired or, ahem, “suspended.” (We can all recognize a sinking ship when we see it…) Kaitlin “Kaity” Pearson was a 23-year-old teacher’s aide in special education at South Street Elementary School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. That is, until it was discovered by Fitchburg school superintendent Andre R. Ravenelle that Ms. Pearson is a model on the side. Oddly enough, someone seems to have it out for Kaitlin Pearson, as she was found out by the appearance of an anonymous package delivered to the superintendent’s office.

    Kaitlin Pearson’s work can be found on her Facebook, ModelsMania Magazine, and other publications. The majority of her nude photos are described as “elegant implied nudes,” where hands are seen covering nipples and genital areas. So, really, not even that nude at all.
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    Digital Journal: Elementary school teacher aide suspended over racy modeling pics (Jan 23 2014)

    None of the photos were pornographic in nature, although they do depict a scantily-clad [Kaitlin] Pearson in various poses that can be described as racy and sensual. Telegram.com reports the photos have appeared on Facebook, as well as in modeling publications such as ModelsMania magazine, which named her "model of the year." Some of the photos are described as "elegant implied nudes," with Pearson strategically covering her private parts with her hands and by crossing her legs.

    Pearson's profile on Model Mayhem specifically states that she does not pose nude. "I DO NOT SHOOT FULL NUDES," it says. "I will only shoot implieds with a photographer I know and trust."
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    Daily Caller: Teacher sent home for being too sexy, model of the year (Jan 23 2014)

    School officials in Fitchburg, Mass. have placed a professional teacher’s aide on administrative leave after determining that she looks entirely too good in a skimpy bathing suit—or, in some cases, even less. The teacher’s aide and part-time model, 23-year-old Kaitlin “Kaity” Pearson, worked in the special education department at South Street Elementary School prior to her suspension, reports the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.​

    On Friday, photos of Pearson showed up in the office of Andre Ravenelle, the Fitchburg public schools superintendent. The photos appear on her Facebook and Instagram pages, and on modeling websites such as ModelsMania Pearson is, in fact, the reigning model of the year at ModelsMania. ​

    Some craven coward sent the images to Ravenelle anonymously. On Monday, likely the same person anonymously sent the photos to the Sentinel & Enterprise, another local paper.​
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    New York Daily News: Elementary school teacher suspended after semi-nude modeling shots sent to her boss (Jan 24 2014)

    A Mass. elementary school teacher has been suspended after saucy shots of her modeling semi-naked were anonymously sent to her bosses. Kaitlin Pearson, 23, is in hot water after racy images of her donning revealing bikinis and next-to-nothing sportswear were also sent to her local newspaper. Alongside, a note read: "Can you believe that this girl was hired to work with special education children in the Fitchburg schools?!!" The 23-year-old - nicknamed Kaity - was temporarily booted, with full pay, from South Street Elementary School in Fitchburg on Friday.