Joseph Greco, Park Ridge, New Jersey (arrested Jan 2012)

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    Name: Joseph Greco, Garfield, New Jersey

    Age: 28

    School: Park Ridge High School, Park Ridge, New Jersey

    Position: Math teacher

    Victim: Girl in junior & senior years (age 17-18)

    CBS Local New York (6 Jan 2012): NJ Math Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Student (6 Jan 2012): Park Ridge High School teacher had sex with student, authorities say

    North (6 Jan 2012): Park Ridge HS teacher accused of having sex with student

    North (6 Jan 2012): Update: Park Ridge teacher charged with sexual assault posts bail

    NBC new York (6 Jan 2012): NJ Math Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Student

    The Republic (6 Jan 2012): NJ math teacher accused of having sex with female student

    My Fox New York (6 Jan 2012): N.J. Teacher Accused Of Sex Assault

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    North Jersey (9 Jan 2012): Park Ridge superintendent applauds school officials' handling math teacher's arrest on sex charges

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    do you know anything else about the case?