John Joseph Vasquez, Austin, Texas (arrested Apr 2013)

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    John Joseph Vasquez, 43 (born 14 December 1969), 5th-grade teacher at Blazier Elementary School, Austin ISD, Austin, Texas, charged with "aggravated sexual assault of a child" John Joseph Vasquez

    Travis County Sheriff Inmate Info:


    Date of Birth: 12/14/1969​
    Booking Number: 1314896 Booked: 4/8/2013 12:46​
    Arresting Agency: AUSTIN SCHOOL DISTRICT Offense #: A13001510​
    Facility: CENTRAL BOOKING​
    Charge (1)

    Charge Authority: NEW ARREST​
    Bond: $0.00​
    Sentenced to 0 days 0 months

    John Joseph Vasquez, Blazier Elementary School, Austin ISD, Austin, Texas
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    My Fox Austin: Austin ISD teacher charged with sexual assault (Apr 8 2013)

    The principal of Blazier Elementary School in southeast Austin notified parents on Monday that a teacher had been arrested for sexually assaulting a former student. According to the letter signed by Principal Leti Pena, the teacher was arrested following an investigation by Austin ISD Police. On Monday investigators notified school and district officials that the teacher had been arrested. Pena said in the letter that there was no point when current students were in any danger.
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    KUT News: AISD Teacher Accused of Aggravated Sexual Assault (Apr 8 2013)

    Austin school district police arrested a teacher at Blazier Elementary school Monday. The teacher is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a former Blazier student.

    "Once information concerning the teacher was first reported, police acted immediately to conduct their investigation and work with campus and district officials to ensure the safety of the district's students," AISD said in an email. "There is no information at this time that current Blazier students have been or are in any danger."
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    KXAN: Elemetary teacher arrested in sexual assault of ex-student: Blazier sends letter of explanation to parents (Apr 8 2013)

    A teacher at Southeast Austin's Blazier Elementary School has been arrested on a charge of sexually assaulting a former student, the school's principal said Monday in a letter to parents. "AISD police notified campus and district officials that the teacher was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a former Blazier student," Principal Leti Pena said in the letter on school district stationery.
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    Austin Statesman: Police: AISD teacher sexually assaulted first-grader (Apr 9 2013)

    A Blazier Elementary School teacher sexually assaulted a first-grader in his class in 2011, Austin school district’s police chief told reporters Tuesday. John Joseph Vasquez was arrested Monday on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child, police Chief Eric Mendez said. Vasquez, 43, was also charged Tuesday with an improper relationship between an educator and a student, Mendez said.
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    KXAN: Blazier ES teacher arrested: Teacher sexually assaulted 7-year-old student (Apr 9 2013)

    According to AISD Police, a parent came forward on April 1 with information that accuses John Vasquez, 43, of having a relationship with a student. Police said during January 2011 to March 2011, Vasquez had multiple sexual encounters with the child, who was seven at the time. All the incidents happened in the classroom.
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    What's really sad is that it only takes an "accusation" to cause a person's life to be ruined. Who cares if it's even true?!? Don't let the truth get in the way of a great story! As a school administrator, I had a child make an accusation against me that I sexually abused him. On the dates he accused me, I was out of town and had proof. It turned out he was scared of his father "beating" him for a bad report card. So he made up a story about me so his dad would be sympathetic. Fortunately, my nightmare from hell only lasted two weeks until the kid told the truth. That didn't make the news after the fact. There's no evidence and everything "supposedly" happened at school. What a great job the Austin Police Department did of rushing to judgment in a case with no evidence other than a statement. Wow!