Jessica S. Snyder, Virginia Beach, Virginia (arrested Oct 2012) [falling-down drunk in school]

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    Jessica S. Snyder (10xx Josephine Crescent , Virginia Beach, Virginia), 28, French teacher at Plaza Middle School [Virginia Beach City Public Schools], Virginia Beach, Virginia, falling-down drunk in school

    Daily Press: Virginia Beach teacher charged with public intoxication at school (Oct 25 2012)

    Police arrived to Plaza Middle School at 11:15 a.m. and learned that a teacher fell in the hallway, said police spokesman Jimmy Barnes in a news release. She did not require medical attention and had not come into contact with any of her students. Jessica S. Snyder, 28, of Virginia Beach was charged with public intoxication and released on a bond, Barnes said.

    WAVY: PD: Teacher was drunk at school (Oct 25 2012)

    School officials say 28-year-old Jessica S. Snyder had arrived at the school at 8:30 a.m. and fallen in the hallway. She had not made contact with her students and did not require medical attention ... School officials aren't saying whether or not Snyder has been suspended, but they do say she would not be back in the school until the legal process regarding the charge is over. They say they are not sure whether or not she had been drinking at school.

    WTVR: Cops: ‘Falling-down’ drunk teacher arrested at Va. school (Oct 25 2012)

    When police arrived at school, they learned that a teacher had fallen in the school’s hallway when she arrived for work. olice said she was ok after the fall — and had not yet seen any of her students. Twenty-eight-year-old Jessica S. Snyder, of the 1000 block of Josephine Crescent in Virginia Beach, was charged with Public Intoxication and released on a bond.


    Jessica S. Snyder, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Plaza Middle School, Virginia Beach City Public Schools